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Oliver Thewalt, Saarbruecken, Germany,
Michael Balmer, Montclair, New Jersey, USA.


The Higgs is the mass of atoms that takes up space. 

In the Higgs Field, the neutral state of an unused and uncharged primordial neutron as a spatial structure is being crystallized. The neutralized state is being dissolved by a matter sequence photon that enables a phase transition for an electron neutrino.

We deny the Consensus about the Higgs Mechanism of the Standard Model in Physics, the Englert-Brout-Higgs-Guralnik-Hagen-Kibble-Mechanism.

The Higgs is not about a boson. We can analogize the universe by its atomic structure. The Higgs is about the Formation of elements. This is about the creation of a hydrogen atom in the Dark Matter Field. In the Higgs Field are no atoms but particles. In the Higgs field atoms are taking up space as Dark Matter.

The Primordial Neutron as a Non-Planck’ian Entity is being formed in the Higgs Field by a photon with a Matter Sequence Code and a Neutrino.

The Higgs mechanism is about the decay of a neutron to a hydrogen atom in the Dark Matter Field. The Dirac Zig Zag is about a jiggle vibration of a neutron to an electron and a Positron.

The Neutron in the Higgs Field is a Higgs Particle with a Neutron, an electron and a positron that does interact only with an MSQ photon (Matter Sequence). There is no interaction of the Neutron without the MSQ photon.  The photon assigns a charge emitting a neutrino so that the Higgs phase space state particle decays into a proton, an electron and an electron neutrino. This is the formation of a Hydrogen Atom.

In simple terms, the Higgs is about mass that takes up space. This is about quantum virtuals popping in an out of existence.

The Higgs field is the dark matter and the particle is the first created to ordinary matter.

Charge is being assigned by the weak force after the interaction by a photon and a neutrino that enables the decay of the neutron to a proton, an electron and an electron neutrino.

The Higgs Field is becoming a Higgs Particle by interaction.

The Higgs is assigning mass to itself in the crystalline phase by taking up space that is being looked upon as a superfluid.


The Higgs Field is varying in density and distribution. We set the Higgs Field as a varying field distribution in a – e negative topological string space for Dark Energy  as a phase transition for the energy field distribution in the Dirac Zig Anti-Zag world view that is observable as a -e  +e field within the insulation alignments for spin, charge and helicity or oscillation.

The field alignment will  be treated as a precursor to Pauli’s Exclusion principle as Planckian (observable world) to Non-Planckian (unobservable world) Field Density Potential and Variation for Heisenberg’s Uncertaincy Principle in a quantum to non-quantum threshold, being enabled in the Region of Neutrality.

The phase transition is being enabled by the formation of the hydrogen in the Higgs Field as  an anti-hydrogen  nucleus (-H1) for a negative proton that is being assigned charge (E) by a photon and Mass (M) by a neutrino in the observable E/M spectrum by dissecting a neutrino to the – e negative string space (Dark Energy), assigning charge to electrons.

The Higgs will be treated as a mechanism for assigning charge and mass by a fractal crystalline initiation for uncharged and unused fermions in the Higgs Field as Dark Matter and uncharged electrons as a global Dark Energy Field. The density field distribution is varying, so that the probability of capturing photons and dissecting neutrinos in the Dark Matter Field is increasing in the Crystalline Phase.

The fermion in the Dark Matter Field is a neutron without neutrino that is being insulated. In the Crystalline Phase, a di-photonic alignment and coupling is being initiated by  an oscillating neutrino so that the electromagnetic charge spectrum is being assigned as a charge field potential of the anti-hydrogen nucleus (neutron).

The Higgs is assigning mass  and charge to an unused and uncharged neutron in the Higgs Field.

This imaginary negative mass potential is then being enabled for the creation of a hydrogen nucleus by shielding the positive imaginary charge to the negative –e string space (Dark Energy) by an electron neutrino (Ve) that is being dissected from  the electron. This field potential is observable as a gravity field potential to the real world (field potential density distribution).

The field charge potential is for the neutron phase on quantum level, being transmitted by charge conjugation for the positron to existence as matter, so that the hydrogen nucleus is being formed by the determination of the energy levels in the nuclear inner and outer shells. The phase transition in the -e to +e topological field potentials are observable as Charge – Parity violation to Pauli’s „Spin Shield“ (Foundation of Pauli’s exclusion principle by including positrons: The foundation of Pauli’s exclusion principle is based on the fact that positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons – by a different spin or oscillation/charge respectively) via helicity or oscillation.

The field potential density distribution is revealing the shielding of the anti hydrogen (-H1) core in the Higgs Field on quantum level for the +e to –e charge conjugation by the swirl of the anti gluon color, taping and flipping quarks (reversal of quarks) from a neutron to a proton. The neutron is in a E/M phase transition as a negative proton in the anti hydrogen nucleus. The Higgs is assigning charge via the photon so that the proton can be stable as a nucleus in the core of anti-hydrogen atom (matter creation) by levelling the occupation of the energy levels in the nuclear inner and outer shells.

The nuclear shell of the hydrogen nucleus is being assigned a charge and charge distribution potential as quarks for the hydrogen coming into existence in the Dark Matter Field. The proton being shielded to the electron by an electron neutrino.

We can say that Dark Matter and Dark Energy are being crystallized and taped to the E/M spectrum by a photon, a neutrino, the electroweak and strong force (QCD, reversal of quarks by the gluons in the neutron nucleus) to ordinary white matter.

Charge Conjugation is what happens permanently, the charge to mass ratio of the electron to the proton tells us this. This is about the positron and the neutrino.

In the Dark Matter Field are just particles (fermions), no atoms.

The Dirac Zig Anti Zag (Zig Anti-Zag mechanism) is observable visible light. The imaginary negative mass potential is becoming attributable by the deviation of the listed mass for the electron (0.02336 x 10 ^-31 KG) and the actual mass of the electron. This is the mass of the electron neutrino (0.000718 x 10 ^  – 33 KG).

-i(M) = 9.10938 x 10 ^-31 kg – 9.10988 x 10 ^-31 Kg.

The neutrino is the missing mass of the electron.

The neutrino mass for the electron is .000718 x10 ^-33 kg.

The mass of the neutron (1.67495 x 10 ^ -27 KG) can be calculated by adding the mass of the proton (1.672614 x 10 ^ -27 KG), the listed mass of the electron (0.02336 x 10 ^-31 KG) and the mass of the electron neutrino (0.000718 x 10 ^  – 33 KG):

.000718+.002336+1.672614 = Z/e + Ve = N

for ∂ψ = -iM (N-+) ψ =0

In the Hydrogen crystallization phase, a neutrino is being dissected enabling the assignment of mass (M).

The Higgs is about the Formation of elements

We deny the Consensus about the Higgs Mechanism of the Standard Model in Physics, the Englert-Brout-Higgs-Guralnik-Hagen-Kibble-Mechanism.

The Higgs is not about a boson. We can analogize the universe by its atomic structure. The Higgs is about the Formation of elements. This is about the creation of a hydrogen atom in the Dark Matter Field. In the Higgs Field are no atoms but particles. The Higgs field is the Dark Matter Field.

The Neutron is formed in the Higgs Field by a photon with a Matter Sequence Code and a Neutrino.

The Higgs mechanism is about the decay of a neutron to a hydrogen atom in the Dark Matter Field. The Dirac Zig Zag is about a jiggle vibration of a neutron to an electron and a positron.

The Matter Antimatter Annihilation is about the vacuum field and its properties for the E/M Spectrum via mass (neutrino) and charge (photon) for permeability and permittivity to the Planck’ian Energy notion h bar for the quantization of charge by a photon and Dirac String Neutralino in a Wilson Line (for the real world E= h bar v) in a fermionic decay of a neutron to a hydrogen by the Dirac Zig Anti-Zag mechanism for the positron.

The anti hydrogen has a neutron in its nucleus and a positron.

By the Higgs mechanism, atoms are being emitted by the quantum vacuum as a form of decay to the insulation layer as after effects of beta decay. E= hv (mass) at Planck Scale 2πћ.

The “creation” of a hydrogen atom happens as a neutron to positron Zig Anti-Zag to

An EM Field at the speed of light c (quantum non-quantum world threshold).

h 1/0 =  Ve Sµve

The neutron to a positron: the EM Field at Speed of light in the Einstein World View.

ᶲy = Ve Sµve ћ = E =  h bar v   (ћv)

Quantum world – Non Quantum World Threshold.

 Dirac Zig Anti –Zag: Zig Zag neutron to an electron and a positron.

The electron observed from the real world is like a confined helical wave in a Zitterbewegung, like 2 waves in a wave function waving to 2 finite ends, which is in fact one wave, but not a scalar one. The wave is in a dimensional phase transition.

A dimension is about an inner fractal space topology and can be demonstrated by entanglement. The non-locality world view is dissolving virtuals such as phonons or magnons for entanglement to different imprints of these string vacua waves. We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vacuum which is about a superfluid transiting through a quantum non quantum threshold, which means a kind of a dimensional topology and granularity within a phase transition, from the real world we observe a Zitterbewegung of the electron and a Jiggle Vibration (Dirac Zig Zag).

This means that “two entangled particles” are not about 2 particles or quantum states but different imprints: these are just seemingly 2 different particles because these are not 2 different locations. There is no location in space in this world view of non-locality. This is about different quantum imprints of the same phenomenon to existence.

Matter Creation in the Higgs Field:


First Annihilation to beta decay

Ѱ ∂ џ = -iM ѰÅ

∂: Dirac 1st Order Operator describing the wave function Ѱ

at Φ Ф ᶲ Ve ½ ћ

Φ Boson Operator

Ф: Annihilation Operator (in fact with a second circle)

ᶲ: Anti Particle Operator


Zig Anti Zag of Positron to Neutrons:

Beta Decay after Effects

Ѱ* ∂ џ = – iɱ џß


(∂ᶲ= + iɱß )/( ∂ џ=Ve ћ)2 = (Фᶲ Ve 1/2 ћ)/(Ѱ ∂ џ=Ve Fµv c ћ ) = E = ћv

For conditions of existence to the fermionic decay and operators in 
The E/M Spectrum of the quantum vacuum.

Energy Operators

∂ џ = +iɱ џ Ф ᶲ = – iɱ џ , ∂ џ = Ʋµ iɱћ2

Hamiltonian (Energy of the system)

The wave is described by reset to the response time.


Ѱ* ∂ џ = – iɱ џß = Ӊ = (∂ᶲ= iɱß =0)/(∂ џ= Ve ћ=0) = Ѱ* π+ џA = (Ѱ* ∂ џ= +iɱß џA )/( ∂ џ=PA iɱџA ) = E = MC^2

Left represents the Swirl in QCD                             Ѱ* π+ џA               Right: fermion wavefunction.

Annihilation to alpha decay

Ѱ ( (∂џ= +i ɱß“)/(∂ џ = PA iɱџA ) ) ß2 = (E=hv=2π ћ)/( λ= hp-1 = (2π ћ )/p) = v (Фᶲ Ve 1/2 ћ = 0 )/( Ѱ∂ џ=Vefµv 1/2 ћ ) = ∂ џ = Ve fµvcћ = Ѱ*∂ џ

(E= ћv = 0 )/( Φ ∂ џ = Ve fµvc ћ ) Ѱ∂ џ =m2 1/2 ћ s^‘ Ф (∂ џ = +iɱџ )/( ∂ џ = iɱџ ) = (∂ џ= -iɱџ)= (∂ џ= imџ2) = Ф џ=imџ3 = ATOM

For alpha decay (degeneration) of a neutron decay to Z/e + Ve.

ᶲ Ѱ -iMß = 0 for dy -d/dt = 0

a/at d/dy d/dt џ π+

für ∂ џ d/dt= 0

Dirac 1st order Operator describing the wave function

∂ Ѱ =-iM (N-+) Ѱ =0

In the Dirac Zig Anti Zag, the left wave function represents the swirl of the gluons as a strong force phenomenon in QCD.

a τ is a primary level particle.

X= (b τ)⁄(X τ)


Higgs Boson Mechanism

The “creation” of a hydrogen atom happens as a neutron to positron Zig Anti Zag to 
an EM Field at the speed of light c.

Threshold between quantum and non-quantum world.

h 1/0 = Ve Sµve

The neutron to a positron: the EM Field at Speed of light in the Einstein World View.
ᶲ Ѱ = Ve Sµve ћ = E = h bar v (ћv)

∂ џ=PA iɱџA

Angular Momentum

Dirac Equation

        The superfluid state of the quantum vacuum is being enabled in the crystalline phase by a primordial cavity vortex Higgs ‘particle’ that crystallizes ‘space’ by inverting the superfluid dark energy tunneling for a positron ‘hole’ (cavity vortex escaping horizon) that prevents annihilation for the Boltzmann distribution so that it reaches the Dark phase as a kind of an Ultra Cold Higgs that takes up space as mass. This is about the taping of primordial phase space state to Matter (M). The ‘time’ to ‘Matter’ observation is about beta decay after effects as a kind of a deceleration of the vortex cavity fluid in the phase space state for the quantum vacuum.

       The matter sequence photon interacts by an imaginary negative mass for deceleration that binds space to quarks for gluons on a Wilson Line for an Dirac String neutralino by the Weak Force: Wf -> Sf (Qrk) Z/e N via MSQ -iM(y). The imaginary negative mass is a phase space state that is being carved out as an implosion field for the former Black Hole picture to a cavity vortex field by quantum virtuals. The n-dimensional phase transition can be observed by the properties of the relativistic quantum vacuum as the granularity for virtuals and MSQ photons and a density field distribution.

We can calculate this for radiation energy and half life of the decaying processes for the formation of elements.

Radioactive decay and the isotope ring structure for elements can be graphed. Isobar and isotropic forms of String matter in the photonic phase are enabled.

  The color charge of the gluon is a swirl and revolving of the frequency of the EM spectrum for ultra violet, infrared and visible light which can also be yellow to green. These frequencies represent the electric charge of the particle. The electric charge is negative and the nuclear is positive.

Plasma is either a plus or minus ion. A superfluid can be represented by plasma.

We deny that plasma is a state of matter though.

Plasma is a second order derivative of matter. It can only be formed by the ionization of particles.

Matter in a non-molecular state of a liquid can only be described by plasma.

In the process of dark matter to ordinary ‘white’ matter the quarks are formed by virtue of the electric charge that are particles and the gluon by the influence of the Z boson, though neutral in charge, and because of that neutrality, the particle ionizes plus and minus to the dark matter that creates a gluon which is plasma.

The result of that ionization gives the remainder of the photon charge energy from the degree of frequency of the photon to the gluon which is unstable in it’s own stability by its motion (swirl), not by the spin. Plasma is a non-spin concept.

This is the energy state of matter.

The highest state of energy is the photon. In this picture is either matter or energy.

The highest state of the photon can be coined tachyon in the Einstein picture or pure energy. Pure energy is a zero mass concept. A zero mass particle cannot have duality.

The double slit experiment demonstrates the wave to particle repulsing of the photon. The lower the frequency, the more mass has a photon, the higher the frequency, the less mass. The faster the light goes, the less mass it has. This is about the duality of light.

To keep the quark particles in the nucleus from repulsing and breaking down the nucleus, they must be neutralized. The quark particles cannot touch the gluon that tapes them together The gluon has an opposing color charge that repulses. This can be described by a swirl function in QCD.

The swirl is the alternative frequency of the spectrum.

We can visualize this by drawing three circles and mark two of them with a U and one with a D, not too close together, so that space is represented by the islands and the water flowing around and between them is the gluon.

When the flow is between the two U Circles, then this must be an anti color of the U and as it is moving between the D and U, it must swirl from the U color to the D color and continues like that to infinity.

The swirl function describes the direction of motion of the entity. This is the only part of nature that is about non-fractal calculations. 

Charge is the highest state of matter. Dark matter is the lowest state of matter. 

The super fluidal state of the quantum vacuum in the cavity vortex field is about Dark Energy that is being transposed by quantum tunneling of the Planck Energy from the String Null Boson States (Dirac Neutralino to Higgs State) to existence by matter virtuals. This is about the spinor and quaternion transposing of neutrinos for Leptons in the non-locality phase space.

In simple terms, the Higgs is about mass that takes up space. 

This is about quantum virtuals popping in an out of existence.

There is no anti-neutrino. 

For an hypothetical electron neutrino Ve-, the anti-neutrino would be Ve+ that would be emitted as a positron. This cannot happen in nature.

The neutrino cannot be sterile in the Higgs Field.

Double decay (hydrogen photon double decay)

After annihilation the electron charge energy is converted to two photons that move away from the event in opposite direction according to the Feynman diagram and Dirac.

The negative photons moves at the speed of Light C, in it’s (angular) direction of motion, the positive charged photon annihilates again due the negative charged electric string space and is converted to Dark Matter.

      Dark Energy is about uncharged electrons within Dark Matter. Charge is the oscillation of the neutrino interaction with the spin oscillation in left and right handed helicity of the W+ and W- and Zo Boson in the Weak Force. The neutrino is immune to annihilation.

Neutral bosons have spin oscillation duality. They oscillate at the core as they spin.

The W bosons are an exemption because they interact in the Dirac Zig Anti Zag picture.

The neutron does not oscillate.

The Zig Zag of the electrons was described by Dirac concerning the helicity of the electron that is in charge conjugations in coincidence with Pauli’s exclusion principle.

The Zig Zag of the electron is describing the attraction of the proton on the electron, Zig is about a ‘pull’, Zag is about the energy release due to the interjection of the neutron at that moment.

The neutron stabilizes the protons in the nucleus but always prevents the electron from being forced to quantum tunneling to the nucleus by the pull of the protons.

The Higgs field is the dark matter and the particle is the first created to ordinary matter.

Charge is being assigned by the weak force after the interaction by a photon and a neutrino that enables the decay of the neutron to a proton, an electron and an electron neutrino. 

The Higgs Field is becoming a Higgs Particle by interaction. 

In this picture, the photon is the EM Boson for a quantum (Planck length to take up space, escaping horizon) non-quantum (Non Planckian Entity as a cavity vortex state for virtuals) threshold at the energy conversion for quark states in the Dark energy phase for primordial electrons, this is the speed of light. The speed of light is the boson vector for a string null state that enables virtuals for the crystalline phase.

This is a Chaos State in the inverse Boltzmann picture that is transforming the Dark Energy to Energy Scaling by lining up infinitesimal Planck states for the photon in the granularity of the quantum vacuum as a Dirac Wilson Line that pops in an out of existence with a Dirac String neutralino. The Dirac String neutralino is describing the phase transitional states of an oscillating neutrino for the Planck energy at ᶲ Ѱ = Ve Sµve ћ = E = ћv.

Dirac Zig Anti Zag

The neutron is about a prematter (primordial) hydrogen, the Higgs. This is about the gluon surfaces to tape (multi) quarks. The gluon swirling  (charge conjugation, particle pair production, cp-violation, quantum-non-quantum threshold) is enabling multi-quark states.

The Existence and Non Existence phases of the hydrogen are determined by the occupation within the energy levels in the shell designation as a factorizable distribution of electron path orbitals represented by a Feynman path integral for the real world as a trajectory and new mathematics for the Planck to Non Planck’ian transition and the “Rotation” of the neutron in quantum phase space before the measurement, represented by the imaginary part.

Photonic Universe Riemann Zeta and Primes

Image courtesy: Research in Theoretical Physics on Universal Structure

The Stability Constraints for nuclei by the distribution of the distance of zero values in Riemann‘s Zeta function for the spectral crystalline phase in splitting energy values to an E/M Series for photonic neutrinos in the –e +e String field by Ramanujan’s infinity conjecture to a quantum optical vortex field spectral line in a cavity vortex superfluid.

The optical  quantum field series for z= -1 (Zeta function) by the distribution of zero values for the distance of zero values in Riemann’s Zeta Function for Prime Numbers in an inner crystalline infinity section is rearranging the photonic Matter Sequence by the energy quantum flux for nuclei for protons in the  shielding to  Leptons for neutrons.

For z= -1, the inner infinity section in a threshold distance for virtuals by the photonic matter sequence of -1/12 is in a zero alignment for the Foundation of Pauli’s exclusion principle for positrons and electron holes in a cavity vortex field.

The quantum Optical to photonic matter sequence by positron electron holes on the gluon surfaces for the shielding distance by an electron neutrino in the inner section of leptonic transmutations.

The elements of the periodic table are on a string line to the inner distance in the field by stability constraints for the spectral E/M Line for quantum virtuals.

We remind that the primordial neutron in the Higgs Field is flipping, this is a first sign for a magnetic monopole for the energy distribution in the quantum vacuum, for ᶲѰ = Ve Sµve ћ = E =  h bar v   (ћv).

The quarks in the proton are being enabled by a Dirac String neutralino in a Wilson line what we observe as the reversal of the quarks by the anti gluon color. This is the color charge in the crystallization phase that is representing the non-discretionary to discretionary quantization for the charge colors, at the outer sphere as an infinitesimal diffraction and dissection to the heterotic string wave interference for the tessellations.

We will represent the charge colors for the real world by half spin numbers for the fermions and string null loops for the bosons. The string null loops are representing the energy levels in the shell designation, this is observable as a non linear quantum (hall) effect and threshold.

This means that the energy is increasing and decreasing in an exponential non-linear way, comparable to rogue waves.

This is our observation from the real world.

We will attribute to the distribution of the non-discretionary part the Riemann Zeta function and a more general function as an integral for a Black Hole cavity surface for Efimov states to multi quark states like penta quarks that will be applied in order to represent the nuclei for the Weak Force Wf(w -+,z0) as a distribution of zero values within the function. This is representing existence and non-existence phases, moderated by the photon on an EM-Spectrum line (Balmer Series, Lyman Series,…) like rainbow colors.

The Riemann Zeta Function and the Riemann Conjecture 

We know that prime numbers are not distributed  randomly. This is due to the energy distribution in the quantum vacuum. We have no beginning or end of the universe but phases of existence and non existence in a density distribution of energy for  entropy and temperature in a non linear post Newton’ian Thermodynamics, such as an inverse Boltzmann distribution.

We will overlay this function in order to generate the prime distribution for hydrogen and other elements, like helium. We need to adapt the fine structure part for the hyperfine and fine spectrum.

The Riemann Zeta Function is one of the most important mathematical functions, because it gives information about the distribution of properties of prime numbers. One of the most important problems of mathematics is concerned with the distribution of the non-trivial zeros of the function.

The Riemann hypothesis is therefore based on a distribution of zeros of 1/2 of the corresponding real part. The function itself can be described with the following Dirichlet Series:


Brief overview of other forms of representation of the Riemann zeta function:


∫▒〖ζ(s)ds=s-∑_(n=2)^∞▒〖1/(n^s-log⁡n )+C〗〗

The function itself is complex (has a real part and a complex number part) so that a zero can be formulated as follows:


Due to the Riemann conjecture, we can set


and by that the zeros change to


The proof of the Riemann hypothesis failed over the past centuries and is even to find under the Millennium problems. The special on the Riemann conjecture is that it posits a structure in the primes. Primes diverge and are not distributed randomly. The proof for the Riemann hypothesis is still missing. The fact that every number is composed of prime numbers (factors) and that they represent a fundamental mathematical structure.


645 = 5 * 129
129 =  3*43
The primes here are shown in bold. It follows that the number 645 is composed of the primes 5, 3 and 43. 
Thus is trivially:

3 * 5 * 43 = 645

The prime numbers in mathematics are of enormous importance and are often even placed directly in connection with the nature (atomic mass, group number, etc.). Within mathematical physics it is therefore often believed that the primes are the „Key to the Universe“.

Prime numbers are therefore often regarded as elementary. As the following point is, however, shows that there is still a much more elementary Quantity in mathematics, which would be comparable to the Planck length.
Thus we will apply the a distribution of zeros of 1/2 of the corresponding real part in order to represent the color charge in the quarks.

This will help us to figure out the atomic configuration of the elements. 

Quarks – Gluons, Swirl Function, Reversal of Quarks

The reversal of quarks in the nucleus is flipping a  neutron to a proton. 

The charge of the neutron in the quarks is representable by 2 Up Quarks of -1/3 and one down quark of 1/3.

The proton has one down quark of 1/3 and two up quarks of -2/3. 

In the nucleus of the Anti-Hydrogen Atom (-H1) is a negative proton. In QCD this is unchanged. This means the neutron in the Higgs Field remains unchanged in the nuclear level (QCD, Strong Force), unless it is being assigned a photon by a neutrino. 

Charge Conjugation is what happens permanently, the charge to mass ratio of the electron to the proton tells us this. This is about the positron and the neutrino.

In the Dark Matter Field are just particles (fermions), no atoms. 

We will apply string theory in order to show this transition as a closed to open string within a string null point in the string vacua branes for bosons and fermions. 

This will help us to model the angular momentum for the Rotation of the ‘time reversal’ part in the old Einstein picture before the measurement, the imaginary part from |C, Complex number, and the energy scaling within the nuclei.

We will model the quantum vacuum as a distribution of energy transition and density phases for the Cold, Dark and Crystalline phase, observable by the permeability and permittivity.

We will apply a Superfluidal State distribution and superimpse a Navier Stokes solution for the transition of the fluidal to superfluidal states by an outer shell string to inner cavity and cavity point  contemplation for annihilation, decay and radiation. 

We will extend the Navier Stokes smoothness and existence contemplation and integrate the new picture for Black Holes.  

We will show the formation of elements by this theory for other elements and revisit the table of periodic elements. 

The atomic configuration in the electron orbital paths (1s1 for hydrogen, 1s2 for helium,…) is being assigned to the new formula of elements. 

The shell designation represents the distribution of protons and neutrons for the nuclear shell. The neutron is modelled for the phases by the Higgs in the dark matter field, this is the primordial hydrogen. The action is being applied for a photon series in a Dirac String to Neutralino oscillation for ∂ψ = -iM (N-+) ψ =0

We will apply a light cone quantization and transfer it for the real part in Dirac, Majorana, Majorana Weyl, Light Cone and On Shell components and extend it by the application of Ramanujan’s infinity conjecture for the hyperfine and fine structure of the nuclear outer shell. 

The unchanged and uncharged neutron in the Higgs Field will be treated as a Dirac String Neutralino. 

The Wilson Line will be extended.  

Occupation of the Energy Levels for the Hydrogen Atom - Shell Designation


Nuclear Configuration 

Shell Designation, Matter Sequence

(1s1)/1D1/0 = MSQ1 (H1)

y->Ve->Wf(w-+Zo)->Sf(Qrk)-> N-> ∂((N) -> Z/e + Ve) = 1D1/-n(MSQ(H1)) 

for the interaction particle to matter:  <–> Quantum Vacuum <-> Higgs Field <-> Particle <->ATOM <– > ELEMENT <–> Quantum Vacuum

for  ∂ Ѱ =-iM (N-+) Ѱ =0

-n means here that there is no neutron.

1D1/-n is the notation in the mathematics of the „configuration of the atomic structure“ indicating energy levels of Z, N and -e within the atomic and nuclear structure.

D is the shell designation.

The anti H1 has a positron and a negative proton in the nucleus.
There are two kinds of Anti H1 for the conversion energy.

The –H1 has a neutron in its nucleus.

1 is the shell of the nucleus, D (Dirac Delta) is the Energy level, the numbers are the amount of nuclei in each level.


Nuclear Configuration

Shell Designation

1D2/2, 1F8/8, 1G8/12, 1H17/20, 2D1/6, 2F17/20, 2G1/9 

Atomic Configuration:

Electronic Configuration

1s2, 2s2, 3s2, 3p1 

Nuclear  Level

1D2/2, 2D5/5  

Leptonic transmutation and spinor transposing for a superconducting -e + e field alignment in the Dark Energy Field

We said that the neutron is like a big fat neutrino. The neutron has positive and negative charge.
The Dark Matter Field works like an insulator to the -e +e negative string space that is a global Dark Energy Field.

The transmutation of the neutron in the Dark Matter Field to a hydrogen atom by forming atoms or elements happens via the Matter Sequence by the photon and the dissecting of a neutrino for beta decay in the weak force. This is about the leptonic transmutation and spinor transposing for a superconducting –e +e field alignment.

The H (Higgs) is assigning mass to itself and forms neutrons in the Dark Matter Field that are dissecting neutrinos. The neutrinos are unbound in the DMF for the Jiggle Vibration to the electron and positron. This means that neutrinos enable a dissection of the field alignments in the –e + e string space that will transpose to Protons, electrons and a neutrino. This is how electrons and positrons are formed.

In this picture we have a transmutation to heavier elements by a leptonic transmutation from the electron to the Muon (µ) and the Tau via the neutrinos (Ve, Vµ and Vt).

H -> N –> Z/e +Ve -> H1 via the photon (Matter Sequence), the Weak Force (w-+ z0) for beta decay and the strong force for gluon colors in the nuclei that are taping the quarks within the –e +e string Field after quantum tunneling of the electron.

Y + Matter Sequence + Ve + Gluon Color + (-e + e) field alignment in –e string space (H, Higgs) for uncharged vortex cavity “holes” in the global DE field as a positron = -+N transpose to Z/e + Ve = H1 (Hydrogen Atom), shielding the electron (–e) from the proton (Z) by the electron neutrino (Ve) and transmutates by neutrino spinors (transposing) to heavier elements. The electron transposes to a “fat electron” Muon (µ) and a Tau. These are Leptons (Electron, Muon, Tau).

The Dark Matter Field is like an insulator to the global dark energy field. We remember that ferromagnetic iron is a conductor for electric current and thatvwood is not a non-conductor

What is missing in wood in order to conduct an electric charge like in iron? There are several reasons for this, I point out that wood is made mainly be cellulose that contains isolating C-H groups, the hydrogen is like bound for instant beta decay, it does not decay that fast.

This is related to the distribution of the density of the atoms or molecular rings and the bonding structure, like Double Bonds or Multiple Bonds in the chemical molecular rings and hydrogen bridge bonding.

The Dark Matter Field works like a Magnetic Monopole.

We can say that the Dark Matter Field is a magnetic Monopole to the global E/M Spectrum that is in a permanent vortex transition for field alignments concerning the field density distribution by cavity string states. These are superconducting phases for pairs of zero-string-points to the permeability and permittivity of the quantum vacuum. The uncharged electrons are like holes that “exist” as positrons without neutrinos in the –e +e fields, comparable to Mini Black Holes and unbound zero strings as Vector Fields.

The Magnetic fields are on the surface of the gluon color charges that are unfolding when quarks are being taped by color charges to the visible E/M spectrum.

The visible E/M Spectrum contains the charge of a photon for the matter sequence and the mass of a neutrino for the shielding to the quantum vacuum, the global DE –e+e string field.

The Dark Matter Field works like a magnetic monopole and insulator, this is why it does not need a shielding of the –H1.

The DMF works like a natural insulator to the Dark Energy Field. The DMF is in a permanent transition by the density distribution and the field alignment in view to the –e +e field that forms a superconducting fluid by a vortex cavity superposition.

The –e +e field is varying by space topology for the granularity and density of the field and by that, the alignments within the space topology. This has impacts on conducting and superconducting properties for conductivity.

The vortex is comparable to a Black Hole Surface and integrable body that is responsible for -e +e fields, a natural insulator.

This is what Black Holes and particles basically are doing.

We are alternating and merging the old Black Hole picture into the Cavity Vortex Field Picture within a Superfluid.

Hence we will find on the surfaces of the vortex multiple kinds of magnetic monopole states.

These states need to be separated and dissected for the gluons in order to tape quarks.

This is where we find the Higgs. The Higgs can be described as a magnetic monopole state that forms an H1 (hydrogen) atom by the gluon colors, that is given the matter sequence in order to attract a photon and dissect a neutrino. The neutrino transforms by transposing like a spinor to an electron by beta -+ decay in the weak (w-+, z0) force and alpha and gamma radiation for the strong force (QCD), this is the alpha relation to QCD and the hydrogen for the Bremsstrahlung in the Fermi Model.

This transposing mechanism can be extended for the Muon (µ) and the Tau (t) for Leptons as Spinors and Quaternions in the Dark Energy Field.

The spinor transposes to a quaternion and will form heavier elements for radiation that will have a longer half life.

The proton exists for just an instant of a second, but remains “stable” in the nucleus as long as it is in a field alignment to the Dark Energy Field for quantum tunneling.

This means that we can rearrange the periodic table of elements by radiation and field alignment in the spinors and quaternions depending on Leptonic transmutations for protons and neutrons.

The foundation of Pauli’s exclusion principle is based on the fact that positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons – by a different spin or oscillation/charge respectively. 

The attribution of the gluon color charge is determining the occupation of the energy or charge levels in the nuclei, that is measureable as mass after quantum tunneling for Leptons (electron -e, muon µ, tau t).

We will find superconductors by magnetic monopole states on the gluon surface for H to H1 via the –H1.

We said that there is a neutron in the anti-hydrogen nucleus. This is why the anti-hydrogen will not annihilate.

Downlaod WORD DOCX with correct formular representation: The Formation of Elements by assigning charge.docx

Nuclear Configuration and the nuclear shell model

by Michael Balmer


An Investigation of Equivalence Principle Violations Using Solar Neutrino Oscillations in a Constant Gravitational Potential.

 „It thus becomes apparent that the same type of shifting effect as that noted in [7] could conceivably occur, depending on the choice of gravitational potentials affecting the VEP oscillations. Whereas before it was thought that VEP oscillations were singly dependent on the product Φ∆fij, these results 10suggest that perhaps the value of the background potential Φ can indeed be constrained by the resultant neutrino data. The figures presented here immediately determine the observed energy spectrum of 8B neutrinos, and many future neutrino observatories could detect these variations. As with the results in [7, 14], it is found that the shapes of the probabilities are strongly determined by the size of θ13, and small 13–angle oscillations provide a much more diverse spectrum of hP(νe → νe)i curves for different input values (in this case, the potential Φ). Alternatively, what could also solve such a problem, should VEP be the mechanism at work, is the detection and subsequent spectrum analysis of extra–solar neutrinos from sources whose gravitational potential is known to either great accuracy or reliability. Various papers have addressed the detection of such high–energy intergalactic neutrinos subject to the VEP mechanism [21]. Additionally, the discovery of a possible “gravitationally– induced quantum phase” was recently discussed in the literature [22]. While the reference treatment deals with MSW neutrinos which can possibly experience a phase shift due to interactions with strong gravitational sources, it may be possible to extend the analogy to VEP neutrinos [23]. Should such an extension be possible, then it may be possible to determine the potential felt in the vicinity of the Sun, since the gravitationally– induced quantum mechanical phases of [22] would be functions of the source potential (hence the product ∆fijΦSource, and not just the product ∆fijΦSolarSystem. These conclusions are as of yet unverified.“


in view of:

The Koide formula explained by flavour mixing in a Weyl 2-spinor, Schroedinger ‘Zitterbewegung’ lepton

“ In the zigzag picture of a Dirac particle, the vertices may be viewed as interactions with the (constant) Higgs field.’ Because the mass of the particle is acquired as it interacts with the constant mass vacuum field quanta at the vertices (some kind of mass-producing field, not necessarily any particular speculative Higgs boson, which has never been observed), it follows that the ‘coupling constant’ for the interaction must be different where the resultant particles are different in mass: the coupling per vertice (there are two vertices needed for each complete cycle of de Broglie wave oscillation as the particle moves in the zigzag motion) is a square root factor which apparently explains the Koide formula for leptons, including Carl Brannen’s modification for neutrino masses. This results from the decomposition of Dirac’s spinor into a 2-spinor form by Weyl in 1929, where one component of the spinor is left handed and the other right handed. A truly massless neutrino would be an entirely left-handed spinor, like just the zig part of the zigzag motion of an electron. But if they have a small mass an can change flavour (as observed for solar neutrinos), neutrinos must occasionally interact with a massive vacuum field and therefore have a very small zag component“ Neutrinos are supposed to have a mass (Koide formular).

FTL World View by a Quantum Non-Quantum Threshold 

Theoretical Physics for new energy – IT – Energy Cluster

Neutrinos and p-violation

The Quantum Marginal Problem

Penrose, Roger: The road to reality

Kaku, Michio:  Superstrings and M-Theory

The Spectrum of Riemannium

About the Prevalence of the Riemann Zeta Function for Stability Constraints of atmoic nuclei


Vierl, Dominik, Thewalt, Oliver: Research in Theoretical Physics on Universal Structure

Nuclei, Primes and the Random Matrix Connection 

Putting the Pauli Exclusion Principle on Trial

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Dez 03

by Oliver Thewalt, Saarbruecken, Germany



I refer to the image shared at CERN Courier, April 2016, p. 18


“Two black holes about to merge: on 11, February, the LIGO interferometers in the US recorded the gravitational signal coming from the event. It marked the discovery of the gravitational waves.”


Two Black Holes about to merge - LIGO interferometer


Image Credit: The SXS (Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes) Project



The more appropriate interpretation than two black holes that are about to merge is about a quantum vacuum in a superfluidal state that is in a permanent transitional state concerning the charge identity and the E/M Fields.



This can be represented by a change within the distribution density that is visible from the Planck’ian World in terms of Boltzmann Entropy and matter.


We can compare this by a bubble in water for a fluidal state.


This is about a cavity vortex field within a superfluid.


We do not observe light in this vortex field due to the probability of stars and radiation sources being formed by microgravity and due to the escaping horizons for the higgs field.


Furthermore, we have to take into account a kind of an optical illusion on macro scale.


These seemingly two black holes can be interpreted as two “imprints” of the same fluidal state to the vortex field in the quantum vacuum that we observe by visible light.


This is about a cavity vortex field.


Further Reading:


The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field


Quantum Space locking for an intergalactic spin glass highway – a Beyond Silicon Photonics Model for Computing

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Dez 03

Putting the Pauli Exclusion Principle on Trial 

Cern Courier – Letters:

Renaming the Pauli Principle

Pauli – Heisenberg Principle

Letter: Renaming the Pauli principle


The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field

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Dez 03

a phase of initiation

– preparation for Anarcho Capital, thanks, Georg Drakenberg, Athens!

– Anarcho Capital is for free research and researchers without a specific goal or restrictions in order to free the mind and enable outstanding research and technology transfer

– the technology itself which is supposed to be researched will be part of its own birth process in order to overcome known structures like the blocking banking and governmental system

Ramanujan: the sum of all positive integers can be thought of as being equal to –1/12:

–  the initiator is the technology itself by our minds

–  therefore we need new communication and implementation structures in a Post Silicon Valley Era in order to overcome capital intensive investments in infrastructure

– the beginning of the phase transition in the (condensed) matter world in a beyond 3D printing world

– condensed matter physics with metaphysical capability at the core of this seed technology

– we want to be incubators of the technology itself

– we need mind technology incuabators for a new phase in seed financing and funding

Transparent Aluminium SciFi to Science

– our mind is the capital: we will overcome old corporate models and outsource the corporate and financial stage into the venture phase of the seed capital process itself

– investors and minds will merge

– we do not need a block chain, we need a mind chain!

Neogrid e.V. Technology Incubator

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Dez 03
Partizipation am demokratischen und Willensbildungsprozess sind grundlegende Prinzipien einer Demokratie!
Dies sollte zur Möglichkeit der Partizipation am sozialen Leben führen, was durch die Schröder Regierung mit der Agenda 2010 und heute durch die CDU/CSU und SPD unterminiert wurde.
Die Bundestagswahl 2017 kann keine Öffnung für die Bürger und deren Bildung bringen, das DIE LINKE genau die die CDU/CSU nur Wahlkampftaktik betreiben!
Ich kann vor den Versuchen von Sahra Wagenknecht und Oskar Lafontaine zur Ablenkung von deren eigentlichen Zielen nur waren! Sowohl Oskar Lafontaine als auch Heiko Maas und die IDS Scheer sind wesentlich an den provinziellen Verhältnissen im Saarland beteiligt, welche keine breite Basis für Forschung, Innovation und Technologietransfer für neue Arbeitsplätze zulassen!
Stattdessen werden die Bürger ausspioniert und kontrolliert sowie eine unsachgemäße Beschneidung der Rechte für Kinder, Schüler, Heranwachsende, Auszubildende und Studenten, Stichwörter BaföG für alle unabhängig vom Einkommen der Eltern, Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen zur Schaffung neuer Arbeitsplätze, Verbesserung der Studienbedingungen für Studenten und Talente, Ermöglichung der Mikrostrukturen für die wirtschaftliche Vielfalt und Forschung sowie Verbesserung der Nahrung und Überarbeitung der Begrifflichkeiten zu Energie, Transport und Gesundheit für eine offenes, sich  selbst regulierendes Weltbild und Lebensweise. Fußfesseln und Mietpreisbremsen à la Heiko Maas umfassen nicht den Geist den dieses Land und Europa brauchen!

Ich habe deswegen eine Petition beim Petitionsausschuß des Deutschen Bundestages eingereicht, denn es ist verfassungswidrig, mich aufgrund eines illegalen Verfahrens in einen Raum ohne Internet zu setzen.

Mein erster Kontakt mit dem Ministerium für Verbraucherschutz und Justiz verlief so, dass der Terminplaner von Herrn Maas recht unterwürfig nach einer ersten Kontaktaufnahme anrief. Dieses Verhalten war sehr ungewöhnlich. Als ich damals zum Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Energie und Verkehr Kontakt aufnahm, ging es mit ausschließlich um einen ersten Schritt zur Umsetzung meiner Ideen in der theoretischen Physik. Damals war mir gar nicht bewusst, dass Herr Heiko Maas mal Chef des MWAEV des Saarlandes war. Dann wurde mir klar, dass die Firma meines Stiefvaters Rainmar Gnaehrich, der mir Gewalt angetan hatte, die ObraSafe GmbH St. Ingbert, seinerzeit vom MWAEV des Saarland mit öffentlichen Mitteln gefördert wurde.

Ich hatte ab 2016 das Referat D6 Klimaschutz und Energiepolitik des MWAEV des Saarland bezüglich der Energiemärkte und zukünftiger Energiepolitik, neuen Arbeitsplätzen und Research sowie Technology Transfer beraten. Dies lief über Staatssekretär im Wirtschaftsministerium Jürgen Barke. Das Angebot an Fördermitteln wurde mir von Herrn Wolfgang Bogler aus der Staatskanzlei des Saarland übermittelt, dem ich im August 2016 auch das Aktenzeichen der Staatsanwaltschaft Saarbrücken zu meine Anzeigen wegen mehrere Verbrechen gegen meiner Person und eines Pharmaskandals anvertraute. Doch diese Forschungsgelder waren an ein fachliches Diktat gebunden. Und am nächsten Tag wurde die ermittelnde Staatsanwältin Katharina Angele in ein anderes Ressort versetzt. Der übernehmende Staatsanwalt Dominik Degel wusste von nichts und sah in Folter, physischer Gewalt, Verbreitung falscher Gerüchte, Wirtschaftsstraftaten, Verletzung des Telekommunikationsgesetzes und einigen weitern mehr keinen juristisch relevanten Sachverhalt. Die Strategie ist, jemanden in ein falsches Licht zu setzen, ad hominem Argumente und Einschüchterung, Umkehrung der Verhältnisse sowie Verharmlosung schwerer Gewalt- und Straftaten!


Hinzu kommt, dass Herr Staatssekretär im Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Energie und Verkehr zugleich Aussichtsratsvorsitzender der WOGE Saar ist, welche diese Häuser in der Parallelstrasse in Saarbrücken über die Eisenbahngesellschaft vom Landtag des Saarlandes zugesprochen bekam. Die WOGE Saar arbeitet unter die SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH eingegliedert und erfüllt öffentliche Aufgaben zur Wohnraumförderung im Auftrage der Landesregierung bzw. des Landtags. Zudem wurde laut Aussage eines ehemaligen Vorstandmitgliedes der WOGE Saar bekannt,  dass ein die WOGE Saar bzw. die SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH aktiv investiert ist, d.h. ein Investor aus dem Ausland, vermutlich aus Japan ist beteiligt.


Da die WOGE Saar mich illegaler Weise durch die Polizei Burbach hat abmelden lassen von

der Parallel Str. 5, 66113 Saarbrücken,  kann ich nicht an der Bundestagswahl am 24 September 2017 teilnehmen.

Ich habe noch nicht mal Wahlunterlagen bekommen.

Meine Forderung an Staatssekretär im Wirtschaftsministerium und Aufsichtsratsvorsitzenden der WOGE Saar Jürgen Barke ist,  die WOGE Saar aufzufordern, mich unverzüglich wieder anmelden zu lassen um damit dafür zu sorgen, dass ich Wahlunterlagen für die Teilnahme an der Bundestagswahl am 24. September 2017 erhalte.

Dieses Verhalten verletzt meine Grundrechte und ist verfassungswidrig.

Sowohl der Rechtsstaat als auch das demokratische Grundverständnis wurden vom öffentlichen Sozialträger und Vermieter WOGE Saar und der SHS Strukturholding Saar GmbH ausgehebelt!

PKH Prüfungsverfahren im Verfahren gegen die WOGE Saar




Versuch der Unterwanderung der Bürgerrechte und Aushebeln der politischen Kontrolle über Ad Hominem Argumente



Es fehlt diesen Leuten einfach an Respekt!
Die Einsetzung eines Untersuchungsausschusses des Deutscher Bundestages und  ein Dienstaufsichtsverfahren gegen Staatsanwalt Dominik Degel der Staatsanwaltschaft Saarbrücken ist geboten!
 An den Deutschen Bundestag zur Änderung der Promotionsordnung für Talente
Wie das Jobcenter Saarbrücken und der Schnüffelstaat die Leute bei der Wohnungssuche hintergeht und Diskriminierern zuspielt

Oliver Thewalt

Energy Consultant

Theoretical Physics | Quantum Biology


1. Vorsitzender

Neogrid e.V.


Talent enables education

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Dez 03

Wir gehen hier der Frage nach, warum die Erhöhung des Anteils an regenerativen Energien am Energiemix für Deutschland und das Saarland entweder die Stabilität der Stromversorgung oder/und die Unabhängigkeit Deutschlands bei der Energieversorgung untergräbt, es erpressbar machen kann.


Wenn das Saarland einerseits seinen Anteil an fossilen Energieträgern erhöhen will, und wegen des Einstellung des Steinkohleabbaus diese auch noch importieren muß, und andererseits wegen der natürlichen klimatischen Schwankungen und wetterbedingten „Kapriolen“, welche Sonnen – und Windenergie sehr unregelmäßig, teilweise unter starken Schwankungen (starke Schwankungen in der Intensität – mögliche Rückkopplungseffekte in kaskadierend (fein)regulierten Rückhalte- und Abstimm(strom)netzen durch z.B. LESSY), auch in der Einlastung anfällt,  dann brauchen wir nicht nur mehr Stromspeicher, sondern auch größere Bereitstellungskapazitäten um die 50 Hz im Stromnetz und die Nachfrage(schwankungen) einhalten respektive ausgleichen zu können, was wiederum in einem starken Gegensatz zum Konzept des Energy only Market steht.


Ein weiteres Problem für die Energieversorgung Deutschlands wird ab ca. 2019 akut, wenn die Bundesregierung die  Braunkohle Kraftwerke stilllegen lässt. Nach dem Ausstieg aus der Kernspaltung (AKWs, NPP), wird die stetige Erhöhung des Anteils an regenerativen Energien am Energiemix Deutschlands, insbesondere was den Anteil an Wind- und Sonnenenergie angeht, unser Land in eine Schieflage bringen, was es zudem erpressbar machen wird, da Strom Kontingente zeitweise importiert werden müssen, und Phänomene wie LAI Coupling eine stabile Strompreisfindung an der EEX unterlaufen werden.


Dies kann kaum durch andere Energieträger  wie Gas  – Wärme oder Kraft –   Wärme Kopplung, Bioöle oder ähnliches ausgeglichen werden, auch bei kontinuierlichem Ausbau der Infrastruktur über „Ausgleichsnetze, technisch wie auch immer (z.B. LESSY).


In Deutschland wird es  bei den zu erwartenden, auch vom geoklimatischen Standpunkt aus gesehenen, sowohl Wetter- als auch klimatisch bedingten starken Schwankungen, auch Intra-Day, insbesondere jedoch im Winter, zu starken Lastspitzen und –tiefen (Intensität) kommen.


Dazu zählen ebenfalls Schwankungen durch chaostheoretisch begründbare Phänomene wie El Nino und La Nina, welche keine sichere  Prognose zulassen. Diese sind zudem für deren Einfluss auch auf kurzfristig bedingte  klimatische Schwankungen bekannt.


Mehr Evidenz dazu hier:


Climate network suggests enhanced El Niño global impacts in localized areas


We construct directed and weighted climate networks based on near surface air temperature to investigate the global impacts of El Nino and La Nina. We find that regions which are characterized by higher positive or negative network in weighted links, are exhibiting stronger correlations with the El Nino basin and are warmer or cooler during El Nino or La Nina periods. These stronger in-weighted activities are found to be concentrated in localized areas, as compared to non-El Nino periods, whereas a large fraction of the globe is not influenced by the events. The regions of localized activity vary from one El Nino (La Nina) event to another; still some El Nino (La Nina) events are more similar to each other. We quantify this similarity using network community structure. The results and methodology reported here may be used to improve the understanding and prediction of El Nino or La Nina events and also may be applied in the investigation of other climate variables.

Zitat:” The El Ni˜no phenomenon strongly impacts the local climate and also remote regions including North  America [27], Australia [28, 29], Europe [30], the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the tropical North Atlantic [31]. It can lead to warming, enhanced rain in some regions and droughts in other regions, decline in fishery, famine, plagues, political and social unrest, and economic changes. El Ni˜no is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon which has been linked to internal oceanic Kelvin and Rossby tropical wave activity and to the wind activity above the equatorial Pacific Ocean. There are several indices that quantify the El Ni˜no activity, including the Ni˜no 3.4 index and the Oceanic Ni˜no Index (ONI), which is NOAA’s primary indicator for monitoring El Ni˜no and La Ni˜na. ONI is the running three-month mean sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly for the Ni˜no 3.4 region (i.e., 5?N − 5 ?S, 120? − 170?W); here we refer to this region as the El Ni˜no Basin (ENB). When the ONI exceeds 0.5 ?C for at least five consecutive months, the corresponding year is considered to be an El Ni˜no year. The higher the ONI is, the stronger the El Ni˜no. Similarly La Ni˜na is determined to occur when the ONI drops below the −0.5 ?C anomaly for at least five consecutive months. Presently, we have just undergone one of the strongest El Ni˜no events since 1948.





The constructed climate network enabled us not only to obtain a map of the global impacts of a given El Ni˜no, but also to study the local impacts of El Ni˜no in specific regions. These are achieved for the first time by using our new approach. In addition, using only previous events’ data, our results confirm most of the regions that were affected during the recently concluded El Ni˜no [33]. In the present study, we identify warming and cooling regions which are influenced by the ENB by measuring each node’s strength according to the weights of the “in”- links outgoing from the ENB. We find that during El Ni˜no/La Ni˜na, a large fraction of the globe is not influenced by the events, but the regions that are influenced are significantly more affected by the ENB during El Ni˜no/La Ni˜na than in normal years. Our results also indicate that the El Ni˜no/La Ni˜na events influence different regions with different magnitudes during different events; still by determining the network community structure, our results suggest that similarities exist among some of the El Ni˜no (La Ni˜na) events.”

Zitat Ende


South Australian blackout blamed on thermal and wind generator failures, plus high demand


Further Background Reading:




A Delicate Balance – Signs of change in the tropics


Walker Circulation


The Walker Circulation: ENSO’s atmospheric buddy


The three phases of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO)


Ocean & Atmosphere – El Nino, Walker Circulation
Kampf gegen Stromnetz-Blackout: Rekordkosten von einer Milliarde Euro


Desaströse Planung: Deutsche Windparks überlasten das Stromnetz


German Windparks overload Powergrids


Chancen sehe ich im Ausbau der Infrastruktur zu Süddeutschland, insbesondere zunächst Baden-Württemberg, sowohl was die Transportsituation der (fossilen) Brennstoffe als auch die (Energie)Infrastruktur angeht, vorausgesetzt, man intensiviert die Beziehungen zu seinen Nachbarstaaten  im Saarland, Frankreich und die BeNeLux Staaten.


Für Frankreich ist trotz des Nachdenkens zur Abschaltung älterer AKW s in mittelbarer Zukunft kein Ausstieg aus der Kernspaltung (nuclear fission) als ziviler Energieträger zu erwarten, schon wegen den politischen Bedingungen dort (quasi Kolonialmacht, Atomexport Macht, Notwendigkeit des Eigenproduktion von kernwaffenfähigen Materialien, starke Kontrolle der wissenschaftlichen Institute in Bezug auf neuere Theorien,  wie beispw. der LAIC Prozeß:  LAI-Coupling  oder Litosphären Atmosphären Ionosphären Kopplung




LAI Coupling: a process of charge exchange between lithosphere, atmosphere and ionosphere as described by hundreds of scientific studies and already part of USGS and NOAA’s 2008 training seminars for seismic experts on remote sensing via satellites.

Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact and triggering

Most prominent example: the tracked ‚atmospheric quake‘ in front of the Japan M 9, published by Prof. Kosuke Heki, of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan:


Quote: „A tantalizing question for seismologists and atmospheric scientists is whether this high-altitude electron bump, if confirmed by other studies, is a true early-warning signal for devastating earthquakes. Geophysicist Kosuke Heki of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, who reports the suggestive buildups in a new scientific paper, thinks that it could be.


“The claim that earthquakes are inherently unpredictable might not be true, at least for M9 [magnitude 9] class earthquakes,” Heki writes in an article accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.


The study suggests that the total electron content, or TEC, in the ionosphere starts increasing as much as eight percent above background levels prior to massive earthquakes, with the biggest effect above the rupturing fault.


The electron buildup before the Japan earthquake started 40 minutes before disaster struck.


The time involved in retrieving and analyzing the TEC data would make it difficult to use the information as a potential earthquake warning, the researcher says. For some scientists, even the notion of an earthquake precursor is controversial. Another earthquake expert, not involved in the study, said the data is interesting and should be studied in the future, but he is not completely convinced that change in TEC is an earthquake precursor.


Days after the devastating magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake struck Japan, Heki downloaded data from satellites that are part of the GPS Earth Observation Network. He was interested in oscillations of the TEC when acoustic waves echo from the epicenter into the ionosphere.


Nach den Ereignissen in Fukushima durch das Tohoku M9 Erdbeben brachen die Preise an den Strombörsen ein. Dieses Szenario kann sich in mittelbarer Zukunft bei weiterer Zunahme der Anzahl der AKWs weltweit wiederholen, unabhängig davon ob dies Leichtwasser Reaktoren oder Thorium/Molten Salt Reaktoren sein werden, nuclear Fission bleibt Fission und nicht Fusion.

Deswegen auch hier noch weitere erste Informationen, weitere werden folgen, auch technischer Art.


Wenn die Braunkohlekraftwerke (2019) abgeschaltet werden wird  Deutschland erpressbar!


Ständiger Wandel im Universum – keine Konstanten


Two Earthquakes besides nuclear power plants


Two Earthquakes close NPP France UK May 2016 M 2.9

2016-05-25 17:00:37.6 50.34 N 1.11 E 2 ML 3.0 A FRANCE MIX



details – see thread


2016-05-25 15:01:26.4 50.31 N 1.11 E 1 ML 2.9 A FRANCE LDG


Environment Pollution in USA on September 17 2016 03:26 AM

A sinkhole spanning 45 feet in diameter opened at a Mosaic Co phosphate fertilizer facility in Florida, leaking 215 million gallons of „slightly radioactive water,“ a company spokesman said on Friday. Mosaic said the monitoring system at its New Wales facility at Mulberry, Fla., showed a decline in water levels on Aug. 27 from the retention pond of a phosphogypsum stack, a hill of hazardous waste. Phosphogypsum is a radioactive byproduct resulting from the production of phosphate. The Plymouth, Minn.-based company immediately reported the incident to state and federal environmental authorities, Mosaic spokesman Ben Pratt said on Friday. But it did not otherwise report it publicly until posting information on its website on Thursday. The leaked water is enough to fill more than 300 Olympic swimming pools. The nearly three-week gap between detecting the sinkhole and reporting it to the public is alarming, said Jacki Lopez, Florida director of the Center for Biological Diversity. „It’s hard to trust them when they say ‚Don’t worry,‘ when they’ve been keeping it secret for three weeks,“ she said. The sinkhole, located about 30 miles from Tampa, damaged the liner system at the base of the stack, causing the pond on top to drain. Seepage continued and the sinkhole reached Florida’s aquifer, Mosaic said on its website. Specific environmental and health concerns are the release of uranium, radium and radon gas, Lopez said. Once contaminants reach the aquifer, which extends from central Florida to Georgia, they can potentially travel hundreds of miles, she said. „We don’t know what the long-term effects will be,“ Lopez said. „If I were living in this area, and I had well water, I would be worried about my health.“ Mosaic said it had increased monitoring and sampling of groundwater and found no offsite impact. It also said it pumped water out of the affected pond to reduce the volume of leakage. The company said it is attempting to recover the water through production wells on site. The incident has not interrupted operations at the facility.

Non-categorized event in Ukraine on July 21 2016 10:29 AM (UTC)

MP Andriy Artemenko (Radical Party) has said that on July 16 a serious accident with leakage of nuclear fuel was recorded at Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant (NPP), while the press service of National Nuclear Generating Company Energoatom denied the information. „I learnt from reliable sources that the government is hiding the seriousness of the accident occurred on July 16 at reactor one of Khmelnytsky NPP with the depressurization of the reactor primary circuit and leakage of radioactive coolant to the nuclear steam generator. In addition, nuclear fuel leaked, which is a critical situation,“ he wrote on his Facebook page. He said that on Monday a meeting with participation of Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion and Energy and Coal Industry Minister Ihor Nasalyk was held on Monday to discuss the issue and one more government meeting is scheduled for Thursday. The press service of Energoatom told Interfax-Ukraine that information of Artemenko is not true. He took it from unknown and unverified sources and misinformed citizens, they said. „On July 16, reactor one of Khmelnytsky NPP was disconnected from power grid as there was leakage at nuclear steam generator one, and Energoatom informed about it quickly on its website. This is not leakage of nuclear fuel… Radiation level on the industrial site and adjacent areas have not changed. It is normal for exploitation of reactors,“ the press service said. Energoatom is the operator of all four Ukrainian-based operating nuclear power plants, which have 15 VVER reactors with an overall generating capacity of 13.835 gigawatts.

Environment Pollution in Japan on October 07 2016 07:23 AM (UTC).

Highly radioactive water has leaked from a waste water tank at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, five years after the plant was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami. A total of 32 litres of toxic water had likely leaked from a seam of the tank at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, broadcaster NHK reported, citing the operator Tokyo Electric Power. The toxic water had mixed with rainwater on the ground and remained around the tank, the report said. Workers were moving waste water from the tank to another to lower the water level and stop the leak. Since the March 2011 disaster, when the plant suffered meltdowns at three of its six reactors, the operator has been injecting water into the reactors to keep them cool and more than 1,000 storage tanks have been built to contain the radiation-contaminated water. But leaks have been a continuous problem, with some of the highly toxic water even in the past flowing into the Pacific Ocean. In 2013, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe helped Tokyo win its bid to host the 2020 Olympics by declaring that the situation at the nuclear plant was under control.


Ministry of the environment to decide to reuse contaminated soil for road and coastal levee nationwide


Die  Annahme von 1% Abregelleistung ist nicht nur falsch, sondern klammert die eigentliche Problematik (Intensitätsabweichungen Wind/Sonne) aus:  wir müssen die  impliziten Ceteris Paribus Annahmen der  Prognosemodelle überprüfen, da aufgrund dieser Erkenntnisse, eher noch als auf Basis von reinen Daten bzw. der Annahme faktischen Wissens,  sich quasi selbst skalierende Abweichungen, sowohl geophysikalischer als auch finanziell-wirtschaftlicher (zB EEX Preis Schock durch NPP Vorfall, LAIC Prozess, Weltraumwetter) Art ergeben können. 

Von der EEX (Leipziger Strombörse) habe ich noch gar nicht gesprochen.

…die Gründe des TOTALUNTERGANGS der deutschen  Solarzellenindustrie –

….kann sich noch jemand an die vollmundigen Statements von Solarworld und anderen aus der Solarzellenbranche von damals erinnern?

Was sind die Gründe dafür, daß es außer den bisher bekannten und genutzten Energieträgern kaum Alternativen gibt, um den zu erwartenden „Gap“ bis Dinge wie Kernfusion oder andere neue Energieträgertechnologien zur Verfügung stehen?

First U.S. Gas Shipment En Route to Europe
American LNG shipment could spark price war in Europe

Flash Physics: Small reactors for the UK, dewetting seen at last, D-Wave previews new quantum system

Could small modular nuclear fission reactors be in operation in the UK by 2030? (Courtesy: Energy Technologies Institute)



Could small modular nuclear fission reactors be in operation in the UK by 2030? (Courtesy: Energy Technologies Institute)

How to initiate an energy release via Black Hole ghost virtuals

Einer der Hauptgründe ist eine politische Steuerung sowie das Bildungssystem in Verbindung mit einem westlichen Wertesystem. 

Führend dabei  ist u.a. das Technion/Israel: diese Leute folgten mir auf Twitter fast von Anfang an, z.B. das GTEP  das zentrale Energieprogramm des Technion und damit Israels, das Lokey Technion, das RBNI,  das ASRI sowie das Technion Israel und Stanford Energy




Adding 0.2 V to the open circuit voltage of organic solar cells by enhancing the built-in potential

Das war 2011:





das 2016:

Technion Breakthrough – New Light Wave Compression for Really Seeing at the Molecular Level


Unprecedented perfect efficiency in producing hydrogen from water using solar energy


Dies hier ist wegweisend: man ersetzt die Zwischenspeicherungsnotwendigkeit durch einen Akku (bzw. Batterie)


Warum sage ich das? Folgendes Prinzip:

Aus Evonik Statement zu LESSY


„Wenn man in eine Batterie 100 Prozent Strom hinein gibt, kommen bis zu 95 Prozent wieder raus ..“

….Erste Frage: wie kommt denn der „Strom“ in die Batterie hinein?
zweite und entscheidende Frage: Was wäre denn, wenn man eine Batterie bzw. einen Zwischenspeicher (so gut wie)  nicht bräuchte? (!)

Ursache und Wirkung


Um konkrete Lösungsvorschläge für die zukünftige Energieversorgung Deutschlands  – mittelfristig, mit einem Zeitfenster von ca. 5 -10 Jahren – machen zu können, muß man zunächst mehr ins Detail gehen, und zwar am besten nach einer Ist Aufnahme unter Einbezug der bisherigen Planungsdaten, und für jeden Bereich der Infrastruktur bzw. Technologie, einzeln und in der Wirkungsbeurteilung im Zusammenspiel, letzteres ist dabei entscheidend, denke ich.

Neben Effizienzgraden sind dabei auch Verlustzonen ins Kalkül einzubeziehen – Endo- und Exotherme Prozesse – wenn bspw. erst durch Elektrolyse der Ausgangsstoff exotherm hergestellt werden müsste, dann kann dies die Gesamteffizienz beeinträchtigen, auch wenn man dazu wiederum die Sonne bemüht, ebenso wie der Grad der Realverfügbarkeit im Vergleich zum Momentanverbrauch – geothermische Speicherung bzw. die Nutzung von Höhenpotentialen bedeuten immer Verlust – und die Landschaft bzw. die Natur leidet auch unter solchen Anlagen.
Begründung und Evidenz für Statements in diesem Zusammenhang aus der theoretischen Physik

Man kann Energie nicht erzeugen oder gewinnen, es findet immer ein Austauschprozess zwischen Energie und Materie statt, eine Form der Umwandlung, scheinbar, doch sind wir da so sicher?

Betrachtet man  Atome der Ordinary (White) Matter, so können wir feststellen, dass diese nicht sehr „dicht“ (nicht im physikalischen Sinne, ich bediene mich zur besseren Erläuterung einer umgangssprachlichen Ausdrucksweise) gepackt sind, sondern sehr viel Raum sich zwischen dem Atomkern und der Elektronenhülle (nuclear shell) befindet. Was ist dann der Unterschied zwischen diesem Raum und dem Quantenvakuum?

Das ist die erste entscheidende Frage. Ich lasse die Antwort mal offen.

Wenn der Mensch als Observer das Universum betrachtet, so interpretiert er seine Beobachtungen oder Experimente. Ich benenne jetzt um es abzukürzen einige Erkenntnisse, ohne sie explizit herzuleiten: Man kann das Quantenvakuum betrachten wie eine perfekte Flüssigkeit. Wir beobachten Änderungen in der Dichte (Planck Dichte, ~Verhalten) des relativistischen Quantenvakuums zwischen Aphelion und Perihelion Phasen (Entfernung der Erde zur Sonne wegen leicht elliptischer Umlaufbahn).

Die Radiation Decay Rates (radioaktive Zerfallsraten (-> Halbwertszeit, -> z.B. C14 (Kohlenstoff 14) Methode) ändern sich ebenfalls, hier spielt auch die Oszillation von Neutrinos eine Rolle, d.h. die Radiation Decay Rates sind nicht konstant! Ebenso wenig konstant ist die Feinstrukturkonstante Alpha, die sich damit durch „Bewegung“ im Raum ändert, eben mit der Dichte des „Raumes“. Alpha hat einen engen Bezug zum Wasserstoffatom.


Radioactive decay in the quantum vacuum (Experimental Physics)

Is the sun emitting a mystery particle?  Hixgrid Blog

Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle?

Changing Radioactive Decay Rates   via Torsten P. Kersten

There is a violation of the Einstein’s Equivalence Principle (WEP (Weak Equivalence Principle) and Strong EP): when you quantize space-time at Planck Scale, you will detect that there is no time as such but energy scaling: the relativistic Quantum Vacuum can be compared to a perfect fluid (fluid dynamics) – there is an impact of the solar neutrino (- Oscillation-) to radiation decay rates and the fine structure constant Alpha.


Quote by Charles A. Laster, comments section: Hamilton Carter’s Blog Copasatic Flow„I propose that the vacuum energy, treated as a perfect fluid, has a density governed by Relativity and the perfect fluid deviations of Einsteins Field Equations. Thus the density of the vacuum is higher closer to the sun, which affect to total energy level of an atom and hence its decay rate. In fact, any energy field, particle collisions, so on, can affect the value of the vacuum energy density within that region of space. Thus the vacuum energy truly is a quantum problem as currently calculated, giving predictions far from observation. This way of calculating the vacuum energy should give better results when compared with observation.“ Unquote

Pulsar in Stellar Triple System Makes Unique Gravitational Laboratory  


This animation shows the unique triple-star system with a superdense neutron star and two white dwarf stars. The neutron star is a pulsar, emitting lighthouse-like beams of radiation as it spins on its axis. These beams, in blue, are seen sweeping through space as the neutron star rotates. At the start, you see this pulsar and its close companion white dwarf in orbit around their common center of mass. The animation zooms outward, showing this pair also in orbit with a more-distant, cooler white dwarf, and illustrates the motions of these three bodies. The entire system would fit within Earth’s orbit around the Sun.


Hamilton Carter, Quote: „After yesterday’s post on the possibility of the variation of radioactive decay rates with neutrino activity from the sun, I spent my free time today reading about beta decay and neutrinos.“

Read More at Copasetic Flow: Beta Decay and Neutrinos over Cocktails

Die Boltzmannkonstante welche z.B. für  Freiheitsgrade der Fluktuation eine Rolle spielt: wenn ich mich in einem Raum auf der Erde befinde, dann muss ich nicht ersticken, da sich die Mehrheit der Moleküle recht gleichmäßig verteilt, durch die inverse Entropie im Sinne des Boltzmann Brain, ist die (a posteriori) Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass sich alle Moleküle der „Luft“ in einer Ecke der Raumes eng zusammenpressen und ich ersticken müsste extrem gering, so gering dass ich ca. 10 ^ 120 (Erd)Jahre warten musste, bis das 1x mal passiert, a posteriori versteht sich! Eine interessante  Frage dazu wäre: ist diese Wahrscheinlichkeit = Null, dass es „jetzt“ passiert?

Why we’ve got the cosmological constant all wrong

Die Boltzmannkonstante ändert sich auch, ist also nicht konstant, keine Konstante  – selbst wenn wir in Hundejahren leben und zählen würden, würden wir es kaum erleben, oder? Oder sind diese Messungen für z.B. 20 Jahre Zeitunterschied nur zu ungenau um es feststellen zu können? (Skalierung, Scaling, Energy Scaling).


Laws of physics ‚are different‘ depending on where you are in the universe


Es gibt im Universum, ja noch nicht mal auf der Erde 3 Dimensionen nach Euklidischer Auffassung (Länge – Breite – Höhe), dies sind nur von Menschen eingeführte geometrische Konstrukte welche in der Natur nicht vorkommen (ebenso wenig wie die Kreiszahl Pi)  – unser Gehirn bildet sich das ein, ebenso wie unser Gleichgewichtssinn funktioniert und auch austricksbar ist, ganz leicht übrigens durch eine geometrische Fehlreferenz in der „räumlichen“ Orientierung.

Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension


Das Universum ist zwar kein Hologramm, jedoch ist die Winkelsumme eines rechtwinkligen Dreiecks (rectangular triangle) im Weltall (dies zu demonstrieren war die ursprüngliche Absicht von LISA, der LASER Interferometer Space Antenna, und nicht nur nach Gravitational Waves (LIGO) zu suchen!) größer als 180 Grad.

Do we live in a 2-D hologram?


Zum Hintergrund noch diese Lektüre:

Planck 2014: The Results That Weren’t….

Physicist Slams Cosmic Theory He Helped Conceive


Es soll nicht verschwiegen werden, dass das Universum kein Hologramm ist, doch wesentlicher ist die Frage wie die beschleunigte scheinbare Ausdehnung des Universum mit lokalen Kontraktionen gleichzeitig zu deuten ist?

Ionization of the universe

Es ist meiner Meinung nach entscheidender, die Existenz und Nichtexistenz gebenden Phasen anzumessen, als CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) orientierte Big Bang Cosmology zu betreiben: der CMB wurde schon allein wegen der Existenz des  High Energy Photons oder der oszillierenden Quanten Teilchen (Neutrinos) falsch interpretiert, zumal Neutrinos ihr eigenes Anti sind und über eine Masse sowie Ruhemasse verfügen, was ein Hinweise zu einer Masse als Quantum Energy State des Photon sowie  Antimaterie in Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR)  oder Gamma Rays (auch Gamma Ray Bursts) gibt. Der Cosmic Microwave Background über eine Interpretation der Doppler Red Shift Verschiebung kann nicht als Hinweis für eine Ausdehnung des Universums interpretiert werden, zumal reine Plasma Physik wegen z.B. der Existenz von  Molecular Hydrogen (siehe auch Gravity Probe B (Interpretation!), Lense Thirring Effekt: Tajmar lag falsch in der Interpretation des  Frame Dragging, denn die Geodesie ist nur ein scheinbarer Effekt, keine Ursache! Rindler Space ist ebensowenig kausal, gibt nur eine geometrische Referenz!) uns keine Antworten auf Dark Matter oder möglicher Interpretationen von Faster-Than-Light Phänomenen geben kann:

Expansion of the Universe or the imaginary photon – space boundary
Are there Gravitational Waves?


Gravitational Waves? It is reliable the detection and “discovery“ of gravitational waves? Post on Facebook Wall, Georg Drakenberg


There is an equivalence of matter and antimatter in the universe

Antimatter Thread: Post on My Facebook Wall (Oliver Thewalt)

Michael Balmer’s notes: Time until Matter


Facebook Note by Michael Balmer, Montclair


^ ———– ^


[—]                  [—]

within these two brackets

there is no available data

between T and Gamma

between Radio and M




Forces of Nature

at these points



Anmerkung: hier ist zwischen verschiedenen „Zeit“ Begrifflichkeiten zu unterscheiden: im 4 Vector Space wird die uns bekannte Zeit als „Dauer pro Strecke“  in einer Bewegung (Motion/Duration: Energy, Oscillation, Energy Scaling!) referenziert, z.B. Sekunde oder Schwingungen des Caesium Atoms (Frequenz, doch Oszillation! Energy Scaling – Neutrinos und photonische Mediierung (vom BigBang Cosmology Weltbild mit Quark Gluon Plasma, Inflationäre Ausdehnung, CMB, Particle Zoo à la Steven Weinberg, Black Holes mit Event Horizon (Einstein/Thorne/Wheeler) über Hawking Radiation sowie Apparent Horizons (Information Loss in Black Holes (keine weißen Löcher (White Holes), keine (transport)  Wormholes (Einstein Rosen Brücken (Was ist QTunneling?)), Particle Creation at Black Holes, Supertranslation Groups, BondiMeissnerSachs Masse, Rindler Space Unruh Radiation) zu Phasen der Existenz und Nichtexistenz (Energie und Masse sind in einer tachyonischen Weltsicht mit einer tachyonischen Charge Identity (Positron ist nicht das Antielektron) dasselbe) mit photonisch mediierten Black Hole to Particle (QCD) States über die Infinity Conjecture von Ramanujan als Divergenz und Konvergenzkriterien für Stability Constraints von Matter nach der Riemannschen Zeta Funktion über die Verteilung der Nullstellen von Primzahlen in der Zeta Funktion:

die Interpretation des Unendlichkeitsbezuges der physikalischen Null.





Was sich Ausdehnt ist schon wegen der Frage der Existenz des Quantenvakuums als solches nicht das Universum selber, das Verhältnis der Imaginären Raum – Photon Grenze wird mediiert. Man kann das Quantenvakuum wie einer perfekte Flüssigkeit betrachten (Superfluid in Navier Stokes), sodass sich eine Dimension zu einer Durchlässigkeit für Virtual Particle States (Granularity) in einer geometrisch fraktalen Planckschen Dichtematrix beschreiben läßt: die String Vacua über Yang Mills  AdS5 Phase Space (AdS/CFT zu einer Black Hole to Particle State Interpretation, welche negative Masse beinhaltet, weniger Felder als deren photonische Mediierung): Anwendungen ergeben sich aus der Vorstufe über Condensed Matter Physics: Phase Transitions (states of matter)  und die adiabatische Abnahme der Thermodynamik und der Quanten Gatter und der Preexsistent BH States (Quantum Annealing Computing / Energy Engineering).


Open thread:  Self-accelerating Dirac particles and prolonging the lifetime of relativistic fermions

Damit wird in einer Quantum Threshold der Region of Neutrality der Einstein Reference Frame (inertial frame (STR) – freely falling frame (GTR) (Quantum Energy States) aufgelöst: denn:

The universe is not discrete, space-time is uncountable – a dimension is about a fractal photonic mediation by the granularity of the quantum vacuum: a Planck’ian density matrix.

Scale invariance and shape dynamics for gravity are more appropriate Ansätze (approach) for a quasi Faster Than Light induced world view. Is Spacetime Countable?


Quote by Michael Balmer: „The swirl function describes the gluon influence.“



Wenn es keine 3D gibt, wie kann dann die Distanz sich im Zeitablauf messen lassen (Geschwindigkeit = Strecke im Verhältnis zur benötigen Zeit)? Keine 3D, keine Zeit, in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (GTR) fällt auf dass eine Lorentz Invariante keine Globale ist, was ist denn dann der inertial reference frame (Special Theory of Relativity) im Vergleich um freely falling reference frame (GTR)? Eine wichtige Frage hierbei ist, ob es überhaupt Transport „durch“ den Raum geben kann?

Special and General Relativity are meeting the quanta

Was ist Chaos, ist das chaotisch? Warum sind Sonnenaktivitäten nicht konstant, man hat mindestens 2 längerfristige Zyklen anhand von alten Bäumen, der Maserung in einer Stradivari oder Bohrproben aus der Arktis identifizieren können, durch letztere Methode übrigens auch den tatsächlichen Grund für das Aussterben das Maya, nämlich kein Regen mehr im Regenwald – oder glaubt noch jemand, dass die Kultur der Nasca Hochebene Zeichen an Außerirdische senden wollte?

The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements

Dies waren Signale an deren Götter, die es haben regnen lassen sollen – siehe auch Fruchtbarkeitsrituale. Nun, wir haben dann einen Sonnenzyklus von ca. 300 Jahren, einen von ca. 11 Jahren und wer weiß wie viele noch, doch können selbst die ewig konstant sein? Und wir haben noch kaum das solare System verlassen … man findet auf der Erde in z.B. Gamma Rays durch Thunderstorms (TGF, Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes)  (Gewitter) oder in der Ionosphäre Antimaterie!


Sollte Antimaterie nicht mit ihrem Antipartner annihilieren? Warum tut sie das nicht, warum findet man Sprites in unserer Ionosphäre? Sprites und Kobolde in Oberleitungen die nur mit Zepto Second Quantenkameras beobachtbar sind? Was glaubt der Mensch noch alles zu wissen, was ist das unobservable Universe? Können wir von unserer Beobachtung auf etwas schließen, und wenn ja was, oder wie hat man das zu interpretieren, für eine bestimmte Fragestellung?

Woher wohl kommen alle diese anthropozentrischen Theorien? Wie entsteht eine Rogue Wave (Monster Welle)? Hat schon mal jemand das Eis unterhalb des Meeresspiegels beobachtet, hat das auch abgenommen? Der  Sommer von 1540 war extrem heiß, brachte einen verzuckerten, fast verharzten Wein an den Tag, ganze Flüsse in Westeuropa waren ausgetrocknet.

Die Erde war vor ca. 100.000 Jahren in einer Eiszeit, alles war eisbedeckt, wie wurde das Eis getaut? Bei einem Vulkanausbruch können gewaltige Mengen an CO2 (Kohlendioxid) oder Methan in die Atmosphäre gepumpt werden. Das können so viele Millionen Tonnen sein, da bräuchte die Menschheit eine halbe Ewigkeit für. Zum Glück braucht es noch lange, bis der Yellowstone ausbricht  ….

Was ist LAI Coupling?  Wer hatte nach Chernobyl am meisten gelogen? Nicht die Russen, nein die Franzosen! Vor allem über die Winde welche radioaktives Material nach Westeuropa brachten. Gewarnt wurde Gorbatschow von den Schweden, die Anzahl der Toten wird bis 2050 auf ca. 50 Millionen geschätzt, auch und vor allem durch Krebs …..

Über  Osteuropa findet man manchmal Radon Vorkommen,  das kann bei den Mengen keine Fabrik im Kosovo gewesen sein, wie man uns glauben machen will, wahrscheinlicher ist ein Test einer neuen Mittelstreckenrakete durch Russland. Die USA wollten noch in den 60ern eine Art Panama Kanal durch Südamerika mit Hilfe von Nuklearwaffen sprengen — der Fallout kommt übrigens von der aufgewühlten Erde, Druck und Temperatur, weniger aus der Bombe selber.

Die Zündung des Projekts Castle Bravo sollte 5 Megatonnen Energie freisetzen, entsprechend waren die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen ausgelegt (Im Beobachtungsbunker und dem Schiff), doch nach der Zündung fing die Besatzung des Schiffes an, sich voneinander zu verabschieden, für immer! Was war passiert? Man muss sich diese dramatischen Szenen mal vorstellen – dass sie es überlebten, wenn manche wohl nicht für allzu lange, verdankten sie dem puren Glück, nicht jedoch ihren Mathematikern: die übersahen einen Cross Section Effekt, Lithium 7 -> Lithium 6 und schon wurden aus 5MT ganze 3x so viel, nämlich 15 MT! Ein tödlicher Irrtum!

Die Vermutung daß  Hinkley Point C wegen mangelnder Wirtschaftlichkeit (Operation in der finanziellen Verlustzone droht) vor allem zur Erzeugung von kernwaffenfähigem Material dienen wird, kann damit bestätigt werden: die (französische) Atomindustrie ist weltweit aktiv.

Die friedliche Nutzung der Kernspaltung war oft nur ein Vorwand, ähnlich wie bei Israel, die wohl im Yom Kippur Krieg schon eine H-Waffe besaßen, und der Einsatz war schon fast perfekt.

Die Frage die man sich darüber hinaus stellen sollte, und ich habe hier das meiste noch ausgeklammert, das sind Dinge die so manch einer schon gar nicht mehr wissen möchte, ist, was denn die Ziele de IPCC, des Big Energy Konsortiums, der UNO oder bspw. der Bill und Melinda Gates Stiftung denn sein könnten?

Für die  LAI Kopplung ist das Verständnis der  Magnetic Resonance in der Atmosphäre bedeutend (TEC  – > Total Electron Content): Neutronen im AKW Fukushima können nicht mehr moderiert bzw. abgebremst werden,  – > GAU)  –  das ionosphärische Epizentrum existierte schon (zeitlich) VOR dem M9 Tohoku Erdbeben – sowie  Nuclear Magnetic Reconnection innerhalb der Solar Flares bzw.  oberhalb der Sun Spots auf der Sonnenoberfläche    – > CME (Coronal Mass Ejection (Koronaler Massenauswurf) über Spin Zustände in Bezug zu Pauli’s Ausschlußprinzip, siehe auch Ferromagnetismus und Chandrasekhar Limit, wie im Kleinen, so im Großen.

Exciton States, sowie deren mögliche Bedeutung für die zukünftige Energiewirtschaft:  Exciton States (Exziton), dies sind Quasiteilchen, sie „vermitteln“ über z.B. Spin – Spin oder Spin – Bahn (–> angular momentum, Pauli) Kopplung Ladungen, über z.B. den bekannten Elektronenlöchern oder -Überschüssen (Donator/Akzeptor) in einem Kristallgitter – Excitons sind dabei quasi FTL (Faster Than Light), der bessere Ausdruck ist jedoch dass sie durch ihre adiabatische Wirkungsweise unmittelbar vermitteln, ohne Zeitverlust – siehe auch Majorana oder Weyl States, Phonon, Magnon usw.

Dynamically controlling the emission of single excitons in photonic crystal cavities 

Perfect transfer of coherent state-based qubits via coupled cavities

Strong coupling in a single quantum dot–semiconductor microcavity system

Spin-based quantum information processing with semiconductor quantum dots and cavity QED

Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Solid-State Cavity QED

What is a Quantum Fluid of Light?
Quantum fluids of light

Separation and acceleration of analogues of magnetic monopoles in semiconductor micro cavities

Sample records for strong exciton-photon coupling

Separation and acceleration of analogues of magnetic monopoles in semiconductor microcavities

Diese Theorie über Black Hole States wird eine mögliche Anwendung in Bezug zu z.B. QCD (Gluonen  -> Quarks) aufzeigen.

Richard Feynman said that:

„noone has ever been able to define the difference between interference and diffraction satisfactorily. It is just a question of usage, and there is no specific, important physical difference between them.“


Wie können wir den Energiesektor für neue Technologien öffnen um die Energie- und Stromversorgung Deutschlands zu sichern?

Further Reading:

Topological Phase Transition and topological phases of matter

Dark Matter as a topological phase transition in the region of neutrality


Why in a beyond Dirac World View the positron is not the anti-electron


Why phasing out of nuclear fission is enabling information technology and the energy sector


How to enable particle physics and technology transfer by minds and talents



Theoretical Physics for new energy – IT – Energy Cluster





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