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This post serves as a „proof“ because some people, like staff of the Ministry of Economics in the Saarland (Germany, Saarbrücken), not all of them, but some, pretend that my assertions in physics would not be „proven“, some are still not officially  accepted, but this is  just a matter of time, I remember most scientists I am in contact with, being aware of this, comments like „brilliant“ and some more, even „stronger“,  have been communicated on a daily basis, but especially in the western countries, there is a tendency of trying to ignore those things, in order to protect their fundings only, while trying to blend out the life and the work of their own children, pupils, students, citizens, employers or employees, pensioners or whoever, this is why I am compiling this Blog post.

The reason is not about self-praisal. In Germany, this is sill necessary in order to overcome a national silence, hidden or feigned  „amnesia“ and ignorance. We who are doing the most decisive work have deserved the respect, honor and payment for our work and  commitment, we all, in the universities, at the companies, in school, at home, in the country, outside our countries, wherever we are, with whom ever we are in contact with, doing the „right“ thing, developing awesome theories and technology, enabling other people, other students or scientists, other employees, other children or pensioners, foreign poeple who are visting our countries, refugees, or officials, police men really doing their job, politicians really doing their job, journalists and media really doing their job, teachers really doing their job, scientists really doing their job, and before all, parents really doing their „job“, loving their children and not just kissing the political party or the church or the company or whoever, whoever is really doing his/her job!

I am observing this every day, especially people from other non-western, cultures, for instance indian, brazilian or east european cultures like Poland or Russia, remember, the Polish code crackers have been the biggest help for Alan Turing’s work, not anybody else, I am talking occasionally to those wonderful polish people here in Germany and it breaks my heart how badly they are treated by  our Government, the same for young or old people from, for instance, Rumania, I can tell you stories that really have happened, and you would not believe it … is heart breaking, but my hands are like fettered by my own Government, how greatly they treat their children, how proud they look, and how badly Germany is treating its own children, how humiliated and agressive they look, and these are the very reasons!

BTW, you western bad science „teachers“ to hell with TYPOS, because: A Genius is not about IQ, intelligence is not about the brain, the brain is not about thinking. Read the story in german language about Évariste Galois at the end of this article, it is about the bad conditions of the education system in his life time, and this is still at the core of the western education system and there is no doubt about this, and the ignorance on a political level.

I remember Michael Balmer asking me Who I am „….Who you are“, writing things like „Brilliant“ as a Comment in in our secret group after posting my newest theory about theoretical physics, and deleting his own comment shortly afterwards. I can’t help it, this is not about the mind control by NASA/JPL and the Ivy League, no?

Preliminary Information about the Matter Creation Process in the Higgs-Field

So where are the data from NASA and ESA and the correct interpretation? Who started to debunk Einstein’s myth about STR/GTR (not his photo electric effect!), Michael Balmer said it correctly, for the Dark Matter field and The verification of light not bending is Shadows and for Time until Matter,

… I am always giving people their correct credits, but why are they still refering to Einstein regarding theories about Black Holes or Nuclear Fission? Didn’t people recognize that Wheeler, Einstein, and even Stephen Hawking are hiding the correct interpretation in order to protect their energy models and control of other cultures by for instance the nuclear industry? What about micro Black Hole Cavity States and photon – photon Micro BH coupling?

May be you start here? 

Theoretical Physics for new energy – IT – Energy Cluster

Science is about understanding, not about „knowledge“, and it starts with parenting and at the Kindergarden, at school and at university and the companies, and it is related to our governments and parliaments and laws and the energy and IT  models and foreign policy, and it is about a false flag system and nothing else!

This post should demonstrate that a talent has debunked this Model about Time Crystals by some Nobel Laureates and scientists of the Ivy League, for instance MIT, Harvard or CalTech in his mind within NANOSECONDS, the real „problem“ for this mind was about putting this into an appropriate wording, so that other „scientists“ of the Ivy League are able to grasp it, for students of india and the BRICS states, this is less a „problem“, and remember, I love the Alma Mater of people, I really love CalTech and Harvard and Princeton and the Technion, the IAS and NASA and would love nothing more than to work for them and get paid by them .. recently I said in a conversation: „….and now to NASA AMES research Center, those „idiots“, this should be an honor  to you!

It is not that I do not like those people there, I was in California several times and this was always my dream, Silicon Valley and Stanford, I wanted to study computer science at Stanford and add the Natural Sciences later, being a banker was about enabling research, freeing our minds in order to enable research and technology transfer, but the core are all people, and „For all mankind“ should not be just an odd NASA slogan!

It is about what we are really doing and saying, not what we pretend to do and say and think!

We do not need our minds being controlled but being liberated, not liberated from people, children are innocent and people cannot be bad, but an artificial belief can trigger artificially made so called „bad“ people, that are  not „bad“, but the belief is insane, this is why we are ought to attack this belief, because Alan Turing was the „true“ patriot, we are the patriots, my best friend Georg Drakenberg and his family are the patriots, we all are patriots, all over the world, WE ARE MANKIND, we are KIND and HUMBLE and we do not humiliate people or our children or torture them, we do not torture animals, hunting animals and killing them fast without uneccessary pain is a natural and awesome gift, we are gifted! Breeding them in the slaughterhouse is really painful for those animals!

Our children deserve awesome parents fighting for their rights! Our students deserve awesome  teachers and Professorship fighting for their work! Our citizens deserve awesome politicians doing their jobs! Our media deserve awesome journalists doing their job and fighting for the truth! Our countries deserve awesome scientists doing their job, fighting for facts! Our environments deserve awesome researchers studying nature and fighting for us and our environments!  Our children and the next generation deserve awesome engineers fighting for the best and safest and cleanest technology! People deserve awesome researchers and employers in order to keep them healthy!

Did you know that one of the first Twitter Accounts with a high impact on global scale following me was from Israel? The Technion, the energy incubator of the Technion, the GTEP, Israel Space, the ASRI and some more Technion related accounts are still following me on Twitter ( –, Stanford Energy was just trying to catch me as follower, some do no more follow because I had to block them temporarily, like Andreas Warburton of CERN,  but the reason of my blocking was not about Andreas, it was about what my Government has done here in Germany, and my Government, my Alma Mater, the European Business School, Schloß Reicharthausen Prof Ulrich Grimm and Prof Klaus Evard, Professor Georg H. Küster and Prof Manfred Bruhn, Prof Roswita (added later on:Mayer) I do  not remember her last name right now, I am not sorry, but her lectures  have just been boring and odd, and Prof Schulte have not done their job!

This is why my parents have to blame the CDU and their Government because the educational system is fully broken and not me! They have simply not done their job and I have given sufficient explanations about the reason why! I am not willing to get tamed like John Forbes Nash, he was humiliated by this own wife!  A spouse has to do her „job“ as well! For her husband and her children! Got it, Irvana Trump? (!) 😉

Protect your own family, not against your children, your husband or spouse, or a talent and scientist and whitstleblower, but against false flag mediators, so that all those children will not suffer in Syria and become poor and homeless in your own bloody country! Isn’t this what Martin Luther-King  was saying? I have a dream? Why dreaming? Doing it! Yes, we can, and we are not doing just nothing! Doing nothing and remaining silent is even worse than doing the „false“ thing.

What we do not want are false flags, and I love people in Israel and Iran! I have many friends there! And there are more and more fans! And I love Princess Leia in Star Wars, she has sent a message via R2D2 to her true friends, fighting for the Republic, like Évariste Galois, we are the working class, we are patriots and we really love you all! Good night and good luck!


1 to 5 Nanoseconds ……:

for debunking this post about Time Crystals:

lol, this is utter nonsense, look up Noether current and Coulomb’s law, have a look at the Antimatter (tachyonic charge identity) .. there are no symmetries and asymmetries, those people need them in order to develop a technology by gauge theory, but gauge theory is flawed …
quasi FTL communication via for instance neutrinos is not about time but about preexistent states, guys!!!

Zero in physics

lol, this is utter nonsense, look up Noether current and Coulomb's law, have a look at the Antimatter (tachyonic charge…

Posted by Oliver Thewalt on Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016


Physicists Create World’s First Time Crystal

Time crystals were first predicted in 2012. Now researchers have created time crystals for the first time and say they could one day be used as quantum memories.



Oliver Thewalt i will give more evidence soon!
5. Oktober 2016 um 09:53
Jonathan Vos Post
Jonathan Vos Post .
Please recall, 4 years ago, my finding a flaw in the first two „Time Crystals“ papers, having Physics Nobel Laureate Brian David Josephson agree with me, and pass my correct critique to the particle physicist who so erred in public. I detailed that on Facebook.
1 · 5. Oktober 2016 um 15:25
Oliver Thewalt
Oliver Thewalt Thanks, Jonathan, can you give me the concrete FB resource (link) for your critique?

Yes, but this has not taken into account the charge identity …… I had conversation with Prof Márcio Roberto de G Maia about this. I have to edit this before I can publish it.

Pawyigh Lee Montgomery How should the current charge be identified? By spin?
6. Oktober 2016 um 06:44

Pawyigh Lee Montgomery In reply to a Physics World shared link on „Demistifying Spin 1/2“, I suggested that, while walking on the right side of a path, a half spin will put you on the left.
6. Oktober 2016 um 06:53

Pawyigh Lee Montgomery Explains in a nutshell the current political climate in the U.S. and U.K.

Jonathan Vos Post .
Brian Josephson agrees with me, about the error I found on hearing
about Wilczec’s discovery, in the New Scientist that I read at Gladston
airport, Queensland, Australia, emailed me and Jack Sarfatti and
others to say so, and elucidates why, on the errors in the 2 „Time
Crystal“ papers by his fellow Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek.

I suggested that the protocl is for Brian to explain the corrections
to Frank Wilczek
Center for Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Classical Time Crystals
Alfred Shapere, Frank Wilczek
(Submitted on 12 Feb 2012)

We consider the possibility that classical dynamical systems
display motion in their lowest energy state, forming a time analogue
of crystalline spatial order. Challenges facing that idea are
identified and overcome. We display arbitrary orbits of an angular
variable as lowest-energy trajectories for nonsingular Lagrangian
systems. Dynamics within orbits of broken symmetry provide a natural
arena for formation of time crystals. We exhibit models of that kind,
including a model with traveling density waves.

Comments: 5 pages, 1 figure
Subjects: Other Condensed Matter (cond-mat.other); General Relativity
and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc); High Energy Physics – Theory (hep-th);
Mathematical Physics (math-ph); Quantum Physics (quant-ph)
Cite as: arXiv:1202.2537v1 [cond-mat.other]
Submission history
From: Frank Wilczek [view email]
[v1] Sun, 12 Feb 2012 15:48:47 GMT (33kb,D)

Quantum Time Crystals
Frank Wilczek
(Submitted on 12 Feb 2012)

Difficulties around the idea of spontaneous breaking of time
translation symmetry in a closed quantum mechanical system are
identified, and then overcome in a simple model. The possibility of
ordering in imaginary time is also discussed.

Comments: 6 pages, no figures
Subjects: Quantum Physics (quant-ph); Other Condensed Matter
(cond-mat.other); Superconductivity (cond-mat.supr-con)
Cite as: arXiv:1202.2539v1 [quant-ph]
Submission history
From: Frank Wilczek [view email]
[v1] Sun, 12 Feb 2012 15:57:10 GMT (21kb)
1 · 6. Oktober 2016 um 08:51

Jonathan Vos Post .
I first saw this described in a New Scientist at the news stand of Brisbane airport, Queensland, Australia.

What was wrong with the example as given in NS, claiming literally infinite lifetime for memory stored this way, was that it used loops of superconducting wire. Careful reading of the modern Mathematical Physics literature on superconductivity shows that it has finite lifetime.
1 · 6. Oktober 2016 um 08:52



Electric charge – is this what we thought?

Noether current: Noether current and Coulomb’s law, have a look at the Antimatter (#tachyonic #charge #identity) .. there are no symmetries or asymmetries as such in nature

About Noether current:

Quote: (Prof Márcio Roberto de Garcia Maia, Federal University of Southern Bahia

„It is not a technical (in the sense of engineering) concern, but rather the fact that it seems to me that, as it happens to mass, there is some circularity in its definition. So, when I say ‚operational point of view‘, I mean ‚ how is it supposed to be measured and what assumptions are made in such a definition/measurement. For instance, what comes first: Coulomb law or the charge definition? Or is there some circularity between these two aspects? This concern is related to some calculations I have made related to a ‚missing term‘ in Ampere-Maxwell law. The existence of this missing term is acknowledged by Hehl (Univ of Colony) and Obukhov in a series of papers (see ‚premetric electrodynamics‘). This leads to a certain ambiguity on the definition of the electromagnetic field, but they argue that one can get rid of this ambiguity performing certain experiments. And this is the point: it seems to me that the circularity ramains because the interpretation of such experiments depends on the definition of charge itself, and/or the Coulomb law.“


I agree on your overall impression that there is something missing or to say in this way, that the interpretation or even some „ceteris paribus“ conditions are wrong:

Examining Faraday’s Law, it seems not just to be a question about mass as a conductor or induced magnetic fields by a charge or about an electro static potential“ which was theorized, in Faraday’s induction law: a current due to changes in the EM-Field, here magnetic flux ….

Physicists should not separate EM fields as such by magnetic flux and currents in general, or mass from the quantum vacuum – concerning a quantum measurement for a quantum energy state in view to mass or matter or energy in view to mass or stability constraints for matter.

By applying quantum physics we can show that the definition of an electric charge by Noether’s charge is flawed due to the assumption of (gauge) symmetries and the interpretation of an absolute law of conservation of energy, which I do not deny, but the INTERPRETATION depends on the „plane“ of the observation or measurment: what should be conserved within what?

What is energy at all, and what mass? And here appears the antimatter identity (About the Antimatter identity – and charge identity) …

This is because mass and energy are concepts by human beings or Einstein mainly for the so called real world in Einstein’s world view of a constant speed of light in the quantum vacuum and E=MC^2, but this fails for Faster than Light phenomena such as Dark Matter, Black Holes or Gravity.

In general, it can be assumed that any deviation to the assumptions of the Standard Model would need a very precise measurement or very high energy fluxes, we may try to apply this for the Planck Scale from the very small to the very large, but more effectively, because we are dealing here with quantum thresholds in photonic mediation: inducing and observing changes in energy potentials or extreme energy scaling and oscillations, spin – spin, spin orbit or angular momentum coupling via Pauli’s Exclusion Principle

MIT Video Lecture by Prof Edmund Bertschinger about General Relativity and Astrophysics – Excerpt

…. the photonic mediation is within spin, charge identity and oscillation of the quantum energy states for the virtuals: a moving charge induces a magnetic field – are we sure about cause and effect here? is the „cause“ that the charge is moving resulting in the induction of a magnetic field or flux?

Within a quantized plane, I assume, it should not be possible (or quantum measurement?!) to tell cause from effect – this we should discuss in further detail!

on quantum level, there is no cause and effect – there cannot be any initial moment within existence – existence needs non -existence, the unobservable universe – it is about a phase transition within fractal dimensions, dimensional transiting ghost virtuals at horizons….and a quantum non quantum threshold.

Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons


Oliver Thewalt Hence I agree that “interpretation of such experiments depends on the definition of charge itself, and/or the Coulomb law.”

For a more complete approach we should take into account the antimatter identity and tachyonic Black Hole identity – also in view of unfolding electro-magnetic fields at Yang Mills AdS5 phase space by Black Hole to particle horizons.

More evidence is provided by the discovery of Kobolts or Sprites by NASA in the ionosphere (antimatter, or antimatter in gamma rays, thunderstorms (TGF)

or of hitherto unobserved “fields” in power transmission carriers by Zeptosecond Quantum cameras.

Symmetries in nature are just a concept of the human mind, there cannot be a current flux as such or any direction of a current as such, we should take into account the nuclear shell model and the quark gluon model in view to QCD …. More on that later

Be aware of this:

Comment by Michael Balmer on the Antimatter Thread as an excerpt:

Michael Balmer, 01. Jan 2015, 10:21 AM
“ matter,antimatter,dark matter,what about dark antimatter?what puts this all in conflict and turmoil is each persons subscribing to the term,in Susy it is the anti-„partner“ some say the opposite charge sign,some just think it is the evil twin out to get us,the opposite of the normal be it in observation of the negative or the positive it doesn’t matter,the equality of distribution in infinity is a localized field represented by EMFields and Matter fields,in some areas such as Plasma Field of positive ions it is balance to antimatter but antimatter is unstable unshielded at the quantum level and at the macro level though still unstable and radioactive it’s quantity is sufficient to maintain it’s ability not to annihilate at once giving it’s long half life this aided by the so called dark matter field separating the EMField at that point,the dark matter field acts as an insulator against the annihilation process,again,this is not at every point in space of this situation,when researching this on a quantum level the antimatter particles are not separate entities of matter but the same atom carrying it’s anti charge,a proton and electron are by virtue of the opposing charge matter and anti matter to each other and not being the same means nothing…the charge to mass ratio of the electron to the proton will show you this,it may be smaller but pound for pound as the saying goes puts it on an even field,now you can charge conjugate an atom and classify it as antimatter as well…nature does it all the time…this is where the positron appears“

MichaeI Balmer, Quote: ”I am still amazed by the LHC (CERN) and that there is still the mystery of more matter than…

Posted by Oliver Thewalt on Freitag, 26. April 2013

Mass is in Einstein’s world view responsible for gravity, but mass could not be measured without that there is „somewhere“ a (tachyonic) antimatter identity, the positron, which is not just an anti electron.

Michael Balmer, Quote:

„It has been asserted and accepted that within a nucleus happens a conjugation of protons and neutrons…having said that, when the neutron converts to a proton, is this the loss of mass as well?

…radiation is the particle emitting the charge energy so to speak, to photons and neutrino interaction first is to administer the charge through the weak force, it’s not really creating the proton but one aspect of it…the charge … it is about decay and instability of the nucleus …particles…and existence is based on three…negative ,positive and neutral, with hydrogen with a proton nucleus would be unstable and decay without the neutrality to stabilize it,this is where neutrinos are with Hydrogen,to replace the presence of a neutron.

How and why Quarks Conjugate

Note by Michael Balmer

Posted by Michael Balmer on Mittwoch, 17. August 2016

Posted by Michael Balmer on Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015

..the swirl function describes the gluon influence…..

the gluon keeps the quarks bonded, so there must be a neutral influence to prevent annihilation.
the Z boson is the neutrality of the Wf (weak force)


is about color charge – and this   …

Nuclear force – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The nuclear force (or nucleon–nucleon interaction or residual strong force) is the force between protons and neutrons, subatomic particles that are collectively called nucleons. The nuclear force is responsible for binding protons and neutrons into atomic nuclei. Neutrons and protons are affected by…
as it is asserted here

isospin quantum number

Quote Michael Balmer:

„The nucleus of anti hydrogen is a negative proton
To make it a neative proton the up and down quarks must be reversed
It would be ionized to negative plasma, you can not shield a H1- …. the – e + e is the problem: as in QCD the anti H1 nucleus is unchanged: The swirl function with the neutron and gluons is a strong force phenomenon and only occurs in the nucleus, it is the workings of the gluons in holding the quarks together, it is a QCD not taught. You may find this hard to believe with our current physic because of heisenburg but spin photons is yes but we cannot attain them until intergalactic travel is reached. The spin of the photon is based on the propagation and the energy of the event, the energy may not be carried off entirely by the photon, that is a low energy photon
Which complete conversion of the energy velocity and spin may be higher. Helicity is the direction of spin and angular momentum. But mostly associated with the spin of the electron. Whether it spin left or spins right, in the Pauli it is how the two can occupy the same orbital path. The Higgs is strong force or nucleus event. The Higgs particle assigns mass to itself and other atoms.

The up and down quarks of the proton: One down and two up ,down is neg 1/3 and pos 2/3. The neutron has 2 1/3 and 1 1/3.One up positive and two down negative is a neutron.

It is a neg proton the reverse of the quarks makes it a neutron
A negative proton is the reverse of quarks, the reverse of quarks is a neutron.

The anti hydrogen has a neutron nucleus.
Which is why it will not annihilate.–-seen-from-higgs-string-vacua-foldings-bh-states-bh-identity-and-electron-nuclear-shell-model

Oliver Thewalt What is mass in view to energy – The Problem with the conservation of energy on a universal scale.

by Oliver Thewalt

The problem with conservation of energy on a universal scale turned out to be a tautology, it depends on the definition, but matter and energy, or in those (gauge) concepts, mass and energy are not well defined concepts, because it is decisive to understand, what is mass in view to energy, in a nutshell, regarding Pauli, it is about energy scaling, or „high energy physics“ (what happens to fermions when the energy increases tremendously?) Energy is more about the unobservable universe, the same for matter! I think that Aristoteles was never disproved (horror vacui), because „nothing“ or quantum vacuum is not that it was assumed, the photon or what is visible for us (light!) is just a „seggregation“ of space, it is just a narrow belief to observe something by its „visibility“ and draw conclusions (interpretation)! The visible aspects of life or nature (the „Universe“) are of no importance concerning any ultima ratio or conclusion/general interpretation.

Mass is the same as energy – mass is a unique imprint of an energy folding and bonding in a phase transition within space topology. ~ Oliver Thewalt

Nevertheless, Gauge theories are appropriate in order to develop a technology, but a technology does never exactly what it is supposed to do.


Mathematician to know: Emmy Noether…/mathematician-to-know…

Noether’s Theorem in a Nutshell

The Noether Theorem…/NewFiles/Noether_theorem.pdf

E. Noether’s Discovery of the Deep Connection Between Symmetries and Conservation Laws

The most beautiful idea in physics – Noether’s Theorem

Why don't people recognize that Einstein was dumb like a duck, he was just promoted, abused and protected for his…

Posted by Oliver Thewalt on Freitag, 10. März 2017



We Choose to go to the Moon

Yes, JFK was a partiot, we need patriots for all mankind!

Yes, Richard Feynman, these have been awesome lectures, we need a message for the natural sciences,  a Messenger lecture!

Further reading:

The Metaplane within the unobservable universe – Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field

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The following open letter by a PhD Immunologist completely demolishes the current California legislative initiative to remove all vaccine exemptions. That such a draconian and cynical state statute is under consideration in the ‘Golden State’ is as shocking as it is predictable. After all, it was mysteriously written and submitted shortly after the manufactured-in-Disneyland measles ‘outbreak’.

The indisputable science that is employed by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD ought to be read by every CA legislator who is entertaining an affirmative vote for SB277. Dr. Obukhanych skillfully deconstructs the many false and fabricated arguments that are advanced by Big Pharma and the U.S Federal Government as they attempt to implement a nationwide Super-Vaccination agenda.

When the California Senate refuses to consider authoritative scientific evidence which categorically proves the dangerous vaccine side effects on the schoolchildren, something is very wrong. Such conduct by the Senate constitutes criminal action that endangers the lives and welfare of children. Their official behavior must be acknowledged for what it is — CRIMINAL — and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

An Open Letter to Legislators Currently Considering Vaccine Legislation from Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD in Immunology


Dear Legislator:

My name is Tetyana Obukhanych. I hold a PhD in Immunology. I am writing this letter in the hope that it will correct several common misperceptions about vaccines in order to help you formulate a fair and balanced understanding that is supported by accepted vaccine theory and new scientific findings.

Do unvaccinated children pose a higher threat to the public than the vaccinated?

It is often stated that those who choose not to vaccinate their children for reasons of conscience endanger the rest of the public, and this is the rationale behind most of the legislation to end vaccine exemptions currently being considered by federal and state legislators country-wide. You should be aware that the nature of protection afforded by many modern vaccines – and that includes most of the vaccines recommended by the CDC for children – is not consistent with such a statement. I have outlined below the recommended vaccines that cannot prevent transmission of disease either because they are not designed to prevent the transmission of infection (rather, they are intended to prevent disease symptoms), or because they are for non-communicable diseases. People who have not received the vaccines mentioned below pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have, implying that discrimination against non-immunized children in a public school setting may not be warranted.

IPV (inactivated poliovirus vaccine) cannot prevent transmission of poliovirus (see appendix for the scientific study, Item #1). Wild poliovirus has been non-existent in the USA for at least two decades. Even if wild poliovirus were to be re-imported by travel, vaccinating for polio with IPV cannot affect the safety of public spaces. Please note that wild poliovirus eradication is attributed to the use of a different vaccine, OPV or oral poliovirus vaccine. Despite being capable of preventing wild poliovirus transmission, use of OPV was phased out long ago in the USA and replaced with IPV due to safety concerns.


Polio Chart


Tetanus is not a contagious disease, but rather acquired from deep-puncture wounds contaminated with C. tetani spores. Vaccinating for tetanus (via the DTaP combination vaccine) cannot alter the safety of public spaces; it is intended to render personal protection only.


While intended to prevent the disease-causing effects of the diphtheria toxin, the diphtheria toxoid vaccine (also contained in the DTaP vaccine) is not designed to prevent colonization and transmission of C. diphtheriae. Vaccinating for diphtheria cannot alter the safety of public spaces; it is likewise intended for personal protection only.

The acellular pertussis (aP) vaccine (the final element of the DTaP combined vaccine), now in use in the USA, replaced the whole cell pertussis vaccine in the late 1990s, which was followed by an unprecedented resurgence of whooping cough. An experiment with deliberate pertussis infection in primates revealed that the aP vaccine is not capable of preventing colonization and transmission of B. pertussis (see appendix for the scientific study, Item #2). The FDA has issued a warning regarding this crucial finding.[1]


Furthermore, the 2013 meeting of the Board of Scientific Counselors at the CDC revealed additional alarming data that pertussis variants (PRN-negative strains) currently circulating in the USA acquired a selective advantage to infect those who are up-to-date for their DTaP boosters (see appendix for the CDC document, Item #3), meaning that people who are up-to-date are more likely to be infected, and thus contagious, than people who are not vaccinated.


Among numerous types of H. influenzae, the Hib vaccine covers only type b. Despite its sole intention to reduce symptomatic and asymptomatic (disease-less) Hib carriage, the introduction of the Hib vaccine has inadvertently shifted strain dominance towards other types of H. influenzae (types a through f).These types have been causing invasive disease of high severity and increasing incidence in adults in the era of Hib vaccination of children (see appendix for the scientific study, Item #4). The general population is more vulnerable to the invasive disease now than it was prior to the start of the Hib vaccination campaign. Discriminating against children who are not vaccinated for Hib does not make any scientific sense in the era of non-type b H. influenzae disease.

Hepatitis B is a blood-borne virus. It does not spread in a community setting, especially among children who are unlikely to engage in high-risk behaviors, such as needle sharing or sex. Vaccinating children for hepatitis B cannot significantly alter the safety of public spaces. Further, school admission is not prohibited for children who are chronic hepatitis B carriers. To prohibit school admission for those who are simply unvaccinated – and do not even carry hepatitis B – would constitute unreasonable and illogical discrimination.


In summary, a person who is not vaccinated with IPV, DTaP, HepB, and Hib vaccines due to reasons of conscience poses no extra danger to the public than a person who is. No discrimination is warranted.

How often do serious vaccine adverse events happen?

It is often stated that vaccination rarely leads to serious adverse events. Unfortunately, this statement is not supported by science. A recent study done in Ontario, Canada, established that vaccination actually leads to an emergency room visit for 1 in 168 children following their 12-month vaccination appointment and for 1 in 730 children following their 18-month vaccination appointment (see appendix for a scientific study, Item #5).

When the risk of an adverse event requiring an ER visit after well-baby vaccinations is demonstrably so high, vaccination must remain a choice for parents, who may understandably be unwilling to assume this immediate risk in order to protect their children from diseases that are generally considered mild or that their children may never be exposed to.

Can discrimination against families who oppose vaccines for reasons of conscience prevent future disease outbreaks of communicable viral diseases, such as measles?

Measles research scientists have for a long time been aware of the “measles paradox.” I quote from the article by Poland & Jacobson (1994) “Failure to Reach the Goal of Measles Elimination: Apparent Paradox of Measles Infections in Immunized Persons.” Arch Intern Med 154:1815-1820:


Further research determined that behind the “measles paradox” is a fraction of the population called LOW VACCINE RESPONDERS. Low-responders are those who respond poorly to the first dose of the measles vaccine. These individuals then mount a weak immune response to subsequent RE-vaccination and quickly return to the pool of “susceptibles’’ within 2-5 years, despite being fully vaccinated.[3]

Re-vaccination cannot correct low-responsiveness: it appears to be an immuno-genetic trait.[4] The proportion of low-responders among children was estimated to be 4.7% in the USA.[5]

Studies of measles outbreaks in Quebec, Canada, and China attest that outbreaks of measles still happen, even when vaccination compliance is in the highest bracket (95-97% or even 99%, see appendix for scientific studies, Items #6&7). This is because even in high vaccine responders, vaccine-induced antibodies wane over time. Vaccine immunity does not equal life-long immunity acquired after natural exposure.

It has been documented that vaccinated persons who develop breakthrough measles are contagious. In fact, two major measles outbreaks in 2011 (in Quebec, Canada, and in New York, NY) were re-imported by previously vaccinated individuals.[6] – [7]

Taken together, these data make it apparent that elimination of vaccine exemptions, currently only utilized by a small percentage of families anyway, will neither solve the problem of disease resurgence nor prevent re-importation and outbreaks of previously eliminated diseases.

Is discrimination against conscientious vaccine objectors the only practical solution?

The majority of measles cases in recent US outbreaks (including the recent Disneyland outbreak) are adults and very young babies, whereas in the pre-vaccination era, measles occurred mainly between the ages 1 and 15. Natural exposure to measles was followed by lifelong immunity from re-infection, whereas vaccine immunity wanes over time, leaving adults unprotected by their childhood shots. Measles is more dangerous for infants and for adults than for school-aged children.

Despite high chances of exposure in the pre-vaccination era, measles practically never happened in babies much younger than one year of age due to the robust maternal immunity transfer mechanism. The vulnerability of very young babies to measles today is the direct outcome of the prolonged mass vaccination campaign of the past, during which their mothers, themselves vaccinated in their childhood, were not able to experience measles naturally at a safe school age and establish the lifelong immunity that would also be transferred to their babies and protect them from measles for the first year of life.

Luckily, a therapeutic backup exists to mimic now-eroded maternal immunity. Infants as well as other vulnerable or immunocompromised individuals, are eligible to receive immunoglobulin, a potentially life-saving measure that supplies antibodies directed against the virus to prevent or ameliorate disease upon exposure (see appendix, Item #8).

In summary: 1) due to the properties of modern vaccines, non-vaccinated individuals pose no greater risk of transmission of polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and numerous non-type b H. influenzae strains than vaccinated individuals do, non-vaccinated individuals pose virtually no danger of transmission of hepatitis B in a school setting, and tetanus is not transmissible at all; 2) there is a significantly elevated risk of emergency room visits after childhood vaccination appointments attesting that vaccination is not risk-free; 3) outbreaks of measles cannot be entirely prevented even if we had nearly perfect vaccination compliance; and 4) an effective method of preventing measles and other viral diseases in vaccine-ineligible infants and the immunocompromised, immunoglobulin, is available for those who may be exposed to these diseases.

Taken together, these four facts make it clear that discrimination in a public school setting against children who are not vaccinated for reasons of conscience is completely unwarranted as the vaccine status of conscientious objectors poses no undue public health risk.

Sincerely Yours,

~ Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD, is the author of the book Vaccine Illusion. She has studied immunology in some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions. She earned her PhD in Immunology at the Rockefeller University in New York and did postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA and Stanford University in California.

Dr. Obukhanych offers online classes for those who want to gain deeper understanding of how the immune system works and whether the immunologic benefits of vaccines are worth the risks: Natural Immunity Fundamentals.




Item #1. The Cuba IPV Study collaborative group. (2007) Randomized controlled trial of inactivated poliovirus vaccine in Cuba. N Engl J Med 356:1536-44

The table below from the Cuban IPV study documents that 91% of children receiving no IPV (control group B) were colonized with live attenuated poliovirus upon deliberate experimental inoculation. Children who were vaccinated with IPV (groups A and C) were similarly colonized at the rate of 94-97%. High counts of live virus were recovered from the stool of children in all groups. These results make it clear that IPV cannot be relied upon for the control of polioviruses.

polio chart

Item #2. Warfel et al. (2014) Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model.Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111:787-92

“Baboons vaccinated with aP were protected from severe pertussis-associated symptoms but not from colonization, did not clear the infection faster than naïve [unvaccinated] animals, and readily transmitted B. pertussis to unvaccinated contacts. By comparison, previously infected [naturally-immune] animals were not colonized upon secondary infection.”

Item #3. Meeting of the Board of Scientific Counselors, Office of Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tom Harkins Global Communication Center, Atlanta, Georgia, December 11-12, 2013

Resurgence of Pertussis (p.6)

“Findings indicated that 85% of the isolates [from six Enhanced Pertussis Surveillance Sites and from epidemics in Washington and Vermont in 2012] were PRN-deficient and vaccinated patients had significantly higher odds than unvaccinated patients of being infected with PRN-deficient strains. Moreover, when patients with up-to-date DTaP vaccinations were compared to unvaccinated patients, the odds of being infected with PRN-deficient strains increased, suggesting that PRN-bacteria may have a selective advantage in infecting DTaP-vaccinated persons.”

Item #4. Rubach et al. (2011) Increasing incidence of invasive Haemophilus influenzae disease in adults, Utah, USA. Emerg Infect Dis 17:1645-50

The chart below from Rubach et al. shows the number of invasive cases of H. influenzae(all types) in Utah in the decade of childhood vaccination for Hib.

Hib chart

Item #5. Wilson et al. (2011) Adverse events following 12 and 18 month vaccinations: a population-based, self-controlled case series analysis. PLoS One 6:e27897

“Four to 12 days post 12 month vaccination, children had a 1.33 (1.29-1.38) increased relative incidence of the combined endpoint compared to the control period, or at least one event during the risk interval for every 168 children vaccinated. Ten to 12 days post 18 month vaccination, the relative incidence was 1.25 (95%, 1.17-1.33) which represented at least one excess event for every 730 children vaccinated. The primary reason for increased events was statistically significant elevations in emergency room visits following all vaccinations.”

Item #6. De Serres et al. (2013) Largest measles epidemic in North America in a decade–Quebec, Canada, 2011: contribution of susceptibility, serendipity, and superspreading events. J Infect Dis 207:990-98

“The largest measles epidemic in North America in the last decade occurred in 2011 in Quebec, Canada.”

“A super-spreading event triggered by 1 importation resulted in sustained transmission and 678 cases.”

“The index case patient was a 30-39-year old adult, after returning to Canada from the Caribbean. The index case patient received measles vaccine in childhood.”

“Provincial [Quebec] vaccine coverage surveys conducted in 2006, 2008, and 2010 consistently showed that by 24 months of age, approximately 96% of children had received 1 dose and approximately 85% had received 2 doses of measles vaccine, increasing to 97% and 90%, respectively, by 28 months of age. With additional first and second doses administered between 28 and 59 months of age, population measles vaccine coverage is even higher by school entry.”

“Among adolescents, 22% [of measles cases] had received 2 vaccine doses. Outbreak investigation showed this proportion to have been an underestimate; active case finding identified 130% more cases among 2-dose recipients.”

Item #7. Wang et al. (2014) Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. PLoS One9:e89361

“The reported coverage of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province. However, the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella remains high.”

Item #8. Immunoglobulin Handbook, Health Protection Agency



To prevent or attenuate an attack in immuno-compromised contacts

To prevent or attenuate an attack in pregnant women

To prevent or attenuate an attack in infants under the age of 9 months



[3] Poland (1998) Am J Hum Genet 62:215-220

“ ‘poor responders,’ who were re-immunized and developed poor or low-level antibody responses only to lose detectable antibody and develop measles on exposure 2–5 years later.”

[4] ibid

“Our ongoing studies suggest that seronegativity after vaccination [for measles] clusters among related family members, that genetic polymorphisms within the HLA [genes] significantly influence antibody levels.”

[5] LeBaron et al. (2007) Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 161:294-301

“Titers fell significantly over time [after second MMR] for the study population overall and, by the final collection, 4.7% of children were potentially susceptible.”

[6] De Serres et al. (2013) J Infect Dis 207:990-998

“The index case patient received measles vaccine in childhood.”

[7] Rosen et al. (2014) Clin Infect Dis 58:1205-1210

“The index patient had 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine.”


Source: Aletho News

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Sep 18

Neuro Immune Connections, MMR Vaccine, Autism and a CDC Whistleblower

Scientists have revealed many neuro-immune connections, a link between the immune system and the brain.

Stunning discovery links the brain and the immune system

This phenomenon is influencing social behavior. The CDC has manipulated studies which are clearly indicating that an MMR vaccine can cause Autism.

CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thomson confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement.

Quote: „It’s a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching: researchers at the School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. “I really did not believe there were structures in the body that we were not aware of. I thought the body was mapped,” said Jonathan Kipnis, a professor in the Department of Neuroscience and director of the University’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia. How these vessels could have escaped detection when the lymphatic system has been so thoroughly mapped throughout the body is surprising on its own.

But the true significance of the discovery lies in its ramifications for the study and treatment of neurological diseases ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s disease to multiple sclerosis. Kipnis said researchers no longer need to ask questions such as, “How do we study the immune response of the brain?” or “Why do multiple sclerosis patients have immune system attacks?” “Now we can approach this mechanistically — because the brain is like every other tissue connected to the peripheral immune system through meningeal lymphatic vessels,” Kipnis said. “We believe that for every neurological disease that has an immune component to it, these vessels may play a major role.” Kevin Lee, who chairs the Department of Neuroscience, recalled his reaction the first time researchers in Kipnis’ lab shared their basic result with him.“

“I just said one sentence: ‘They’ll have to rewrite the textbooks.’ There has never been a lymphatic system for the central nervous system, and it was very clear from that first singular observation — and they’ve done many studies since then to bolster the finding — that it will fundamentally change the way people look at the central nervous system’s relationship with the immune system,” Lee said.“ Unquote

Quote by University of Virginia (UVA Today): „In a startling discovery that raises fundamental questions about human behavior, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have determined that the immune system directly affects – and even controls – creatures’ social behavior, such as their desire to interact with others.
So could immune system problems contribute to an inability to have normal social interactions? The answer appears to be yes, and that finding could have significant implications for neurological diseases such as autism-spectrum disorders and schizophrenia.

“The brain and the adaptive immune system were thought to be isolated from each other, and any immune activity in the brain was perceived as sign of a pathology. And now, not only are we showing that they are closely interacting, but some of our behavior traits might have evolved because of our immune response to pathogens,” explained Jonathan Kipnis, chair of UVA’s Department of Neuroscience. “It’s crazy, but maybe we are just multicellular battlefields for two ancient forces: pathogens and the immune system. Part of our personality may actually be dictated by the immune system.”

Quote by Neuroscience News: „The researchers note that a malfunctioning immune system may be responsible for “social deficits in numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders.” But exactly what this might mean for autism and other specific conditions requires further investigation.

Autism can be caused by an immune response and being grasped by a systemic approach called systems biology. Autism is not caused by a mental disorder but by neuro-immune connections, an area called neuroimmunology. This is closely related to the lymphatic drainage system: Quote (Nature) : “ Although it is now accepted that the central nervous system undergoes constant immune surveillance that takes place within the meningeal compartment the mechanisms governing the entrance and exit of immune cells from the central nervous system remain poorly understood. In searching for T-cell gateways into and out of the meninges, we discovered functional lymphatic vessels lining the dural sinuses. These structures express all of the molecular hallmarks of lymphatic endothelial cells, are able to carry both fluid and immune cells from the cerebrospinal fluid, and are connected to the deep cervical lymph nodes. The unique location of these vessels may have impeded their discovery to date, thereby contributing to the long-held concept of the absence of lymphatic vasculature in the central nervous system. The discovery of the central nervous system lymphatic system may call for a reassessment of basic assumptions in neuroimmunology and sheds new light on the aetiology of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases associated with immune system dysfunction.“ Unquote

This is something that Henry Markram will never figure out by his mathematical models!

Unexpected role of interferon-γ in regulating neuronal connectivity and social behaviour (Nature),

„Immune dysfunction is commonly associated with several neurological and mental disorders. Although the mechanisms by which peripheral immunity may influence neuronal function are largely unknown, recent findings implicate meningeal immunity influencing behaviour, such as spatial learning and memory1. Here we show that meningeal immunity is also critical for social behaviour; mice deficient in adaptive immunity exhibit social deficits and hyper-connectivity of fronto-cortical brain regions. Associations between rodent transcriptomes from brain and cellular transcriptomes in response to T-cell-derived cytokines suggest a strong interaction between social behaviour and interferon-γ (IFN-γ)-driven responses. Concordantly, we demonstrate that inhibitory neurons respond to IFN-γ and increase GABAergic (γ-aminobutyric-acid) currents in projection neurons, suggesting that IFN-γ is a molecular link between meningeal immunity and neural circuits recruited for social behaviour. Meta-analysis of the transcriptomes of a range of organisms reveals that rodents, fish, and flies elevate IFN-γ/JAK-STAT-dependent gene signatures in a social context, suggesting that the IFN-γ signalling pathway could mediate a co-evolutionary link between social/aggregation behaviour and an efficient anti-pathogen response. This study implicates adaptive immune dysfunction, in particular IFN-γ, in disorders characterized by social dysfunction and suggests a co-evolutionary link between social behaviour and an anti-pathogen immune response driven by IFN-γ signalling.“ Unquote

VAXXED, Dr Andrew Wakefield, the Lancet and more fraud by CDC Scientists

In 1998, Dr Andrew Wakefield has published a research paper about „Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children“ in the Lancet Magazine. This research by Andrew Wakefield has been unjustifiably discredited by many of his colleagues and he was forced to retract the study, accused of fraud and discredited as a scientist.

Despite to all those allegations, Andrew Wakefield, MB.BS, an academic gastroenterologist , moved to Texas in order to prove his claims, a task that he successfully managed. Andrew Wakefield was fully rehabilitated.

VAXXED: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Deals With Allegations

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Deals With Allegations

Quote by John Hewitt on Twitter: There’s 2 Eisens in the progressive academic sphere and they are both total wackjobs. both want our minds controlled by microbiome. M. Eisen, PlosOne editor, has publicly called anyone watching ‚Vaxxed‘ an accessory to murder, that tells you something of his fear.

Link between antibiotics in early childhood and autism

Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS

Host microbiota keep the brain healthy

Quote: „Host microbiota control maturing and functioning of brain immune cells / Short-chain fatty acids function as messengers between the gut and the brain / Publication in Nature Neuroscience

The gut’s microbiome has an impact on the brain’s immune response throughout life, with a possible effect on the course of diseases affecting the brain, such as Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis. A neuropathological research team at the University Medical Center Freiburg has uncovered these effects in mice. The scientists have been able to demonstrate that the function of microglia, also called brain macrophages, is controlled by metabolites of gut bacteria. During the digestion of fibres, in particular, intestinal bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids necessary for proper microglia function. Mice whose intestines were free of bacteria developed immature and stunted microglia. When intestinal flora was reintroduced, microglia cell morphology and function recovered. This study highlights the importance of a balanced diet for the prevention of brain diseases and indicates that there may be a link between gut bacteria and the genesis of neurodegenerative diseases. These findings will be published in the July issue of the renowned journal Nature Neuroscience and already available as advance online publication.


Microglia are also known as phagocytes of the brain, or brain macrophages. They eliminate invading pathogens and dead brain cells, thus contributing to the brain’s life-long plasticity. Malfunctioning microglia cells play a role in a number of brain diseases. Until now, the maturing and activation of these cells has been unclear.“

Some Explanations, Quantum Biology, Demise of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology and Surface Physics

This works by a similar mechanism that works via antibiotics as well, especially when the combined vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella or MMR-Vaccine is applied in early childhood (the stress is on „early“) by an immune response via enteric flora (ENS, Enteric Nervous System) and neurons in conjunction with microorganisms, the lymphatic system, short chain fatty acids and scavenger cells which are influencing the Brain/CNS/Microglia, overcoming the blood cerebral barrier.

The link between an MMR Vaccine and autism is obvious but it is NOT about an anti-vaxxer movement, stop to think in terms of pro vaccination and anti-vaccination. Statistics and studies are misleading about what happens on a global scale.

It is no about an imperative mechanism which is enforcing something, for instance a ‚disease‘, which is a human classification, neglecting the high variability of pathogens. Every human being is a random sample, microorganisms are ‚reproducing‘ themselves in a random process (look up Bet Hedging), it is not a ‚process‘ at all (classic world view) but happens on quantum level.

P-values should not be abused, they are derived by a post Gauß’ian observation (visible light), they are debunked by quantum biology, which says that there is no attribution of cause and effect in the observable world, means that dna cannot be described properly by a static model. There is no direct link between a ‚disease‘ and genetics.


These questions are legit: is there any disease in nature? What does it mean when scientists claim to have exterminated a „disease“?

Is there a mismatch between these claims and our observations or our interpretations of our observations?

More appropriate and effective ways in order to protect human beings from a disease are to strengthen their adaptability and their immune system, preparing them for an ongoing change (pathogens) and to research possible causes for health related problems, applying models taking into account multi-causality. Assertions derived by a ‚vaccination coverage rate‘ (by 95% of the targeted population in case of the MMR Vaccine, proposed by the German Robert Koch Institute, RKI) is neglecting this.

In the case of for instance Yersinia pestis, a weakening of the immune system by a small climate shift (no more rain) causing crop failure has prepared the „success“ of this virus within the population of the 14th century in Europe (yersinia pestis exists since the Bronze Age or even longer ). Small pox was not exterminated as well, the same for poliomyelitis: new outbreaks have been reported recently (2016). The polio vaccine is contaminated with SV40, a cancer virus.

Every human being is a random sample, the same for microorganisms, DNA is not determining who we are:

1. p-values are debunked

2. Look up ‚Dark Matter of our genome‘ The demise of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology.

3. Spatial alignment and quantum properties reveal the mistakes made by Crick and Watson:
The interpretation of DNA as a static model with base pairs and a double-helix structure is not taking into account the ‚Dark Matter‘ of our genome. Crick and Watson were even not able to figure out an appropriate interpretation of the double helix structure (guess who has done this?, DNA is just a basic pattern which permanently transforms and is being transformed by, for instance, epigenetics, proteomics, junk-dna, RNA viruses, virome, trans-splicing, transposons, prions, gene rearrangements and so forth, but the more appropriate model is a quantum state model that is not interfering in a 3D world but within topological layers and a permanent phase transition, indicated by quantum markers, in view to permanent changes, by, for instance, surface physics (for instance docking mechanism for T-Cells or Antibodies), epigenetics or protein membrane foldings. These are metastatical states on quantum level.

Further reading and sources:

Topical gentamicin-induced hearing loss: a mitochondrial ribosomal RNA study of genetic susceptibility.

VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote

Andy Wakefield on the History and Causation of Autism

John Hewitt on Twitter: „discovery was very well hyped, definitely many neuro-immune connections“

Impfungen verursachen Autismus – der Betrug der CDC – gefälschte Studien

Link between the immune system and the brain – neuro-immune connections



WATCH DOCUMENTARY MOVIE -An Autism Media Channel Film
Directed by Andrew Wakefield & Produced by Del Bigtree

“Our children are being destroyed by vaccines,” says Del Bigtree
In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.
The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.
Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.



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Sep 18

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

immer mehr PhD Anwärter wollen bei mir (an meinem Lehrstuhl) ihre Dissertation verfassen. Gerade hat sich jemand aus Turin gemeldet, dessen Koordinatoren das Thema unterschätzen oder nicht verstehen wollen, es liegt jedoch im Kern der gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Forschung und dessen Technologie Transfer.

Was das für Arbeitsplätze, Einkommen und Wohlstand bedeutet, können Sie sich vorstellen.

Die Studenten kommen aus allen Fachbereichen der Naturwissenschaften, auch aus der Mikrobiologie sowie der Nanobiophotonics.

Hier in einem konkreteren Fall geht es um einen PhD Studenten im Fachbereich Mathematik an der Universität von Turin um topologische Phasen und deren

Verbindungen zur Quantenphysik und den States of Matter. Genau dieses Thema hatte ich aufbereitet, noch vor der Vergabe des Nobelpreises in 2016

im Fachbereich Physik,

zusammengefasst hier:

Detailliertere Forschungsergebnisse liegen bereits in Kooperation mit anderen Physikern im Bereich Kernphysik wie z.B Michael Balmer, Montclair, vor.

Was mich an einer besseren Ausarbeitung und Aufbereitung bisher gehindert hatte waren fehlende Fundings.

Zudem beantrage ich eine Änderung der Promotionsordnung. Ich bin jetzt 52 Jahre alt und aufgrund eines gebrochenen Bildungssystems nicht in Verfügung einer ordentlichen Habilitation, auch da ich einen sozial schwachen Stand (die Mutter von Leonardo Da Vinci war eine Halb-Waise) habe und mich ständig um finanzielle Angelegenheiten kümmern muss. Die Promotionsordnung sollte es Talenten erlauben, Dissertationen von PhD Candidates grundsätztlich  betreuen und begutachten zu dürfen. Wenn ich die Erlaubnis bekomme, werde ich auch Vorlesungen halten. Auf ein persönliches Gespräch mit jedem Lehrstuhlinhaber in den Fachbereichen freue ich mich sehr.

Meine Alma Mata ist die European Business School, Schloß Reichartshausen. Mein Mentor in der established Academia ist der ehemalige Schüler des

Nobelpreisträgers Richard Feynman (CalTech und Cornell University) Professor Jonathan vos Post.

Dies ist Teil meiner Agenda: About Time Crystals – A Messenger Lecture

Ein Fernziel von mir ist, eines Tages eine eigene Schule mit Universitätsstatus aufzubauen, welche auf einem nicht hierarchischen Prinzip beruht

und die Bildungsziele des New Education Fellowships (La Ligue Internationale de l’éducation nouvelle) umsetzt, in Lehre und Forschung.

Hier geht es mehr um Akzeptanz im akademischen Bereich, Öffnung der Wirtschaft für neue Ansätze aus dem World View des Photonic Universe und Überwindung eines kalten politischen Klimas zur Öffnung des Bildungssystems für die Natur- und Geisteswissenschaften.

Meine Tätigkeit besteht in der Öffunung des Bildungssystems für Talente, insbesondere die Öffnung der Natur- und Geisteswissenschaften

für alle. Talente sind zu fördern, denn nicht die IT oder Energieindustrie hat deren Technologien ermöglicht, sondern die „Genies“ aus den BRICS Staaten,

Ost Europa, Russland, den Himalaya Staaten, Mittel- und Südamerika, Südost Asien oder Nordafrika.

A Genius is not about IQ, intelligence is not about the brain, the brain is not about thinking – Genius is the Recovery of Childhood at will, I am intact and I don’t give a damn ~Arthur Rimbaud

Wenn die Leute erst mal verstanden haben, dass wir besser IT- und Energietechnologien ohne die IT Industrie hätten, dann haben wir eine Chance das Bildungssystem für die Forschung zu öffnen, und es aus rassistischer Forschung zu befreien! Photonische Devices und Screens  ohne den Elektron Bezug werden nicht nur günstigere, sondern auch technisch bessere Technologie hervorbringen, die auch noch weniger giftig ist, und über überlegene Leistungsmerkmale verfügt.

Dies bedeutet NICHT die Abschaffung der IT Industrie, sondern im Gegenteil, deren Befähigung durch die Befreiung des Geistes!

Dasselbe gilt für alle Lebensbereiche, Kommunikaton (zB: Glasfaser, FTTH, FTTC), Architektur, Nahrung, Gesundheit oder die Art und Weise wie unsere Kinder aufwachsen.

Die Nuclear Fission war nie für die Zivilnutzung gedacht, sondern für Nuclear Weapons Grade Material.

Es gibt auf Quantenebene keinen programmierten Zelltod (Apoptosis). Unsere Beobachtung über sichtbares Licht zu wuchernden Tumoren, Malignomen täuschen über Ursächlichkeiten. Auf Quantenebene gibt es keine Ursache Wirkungs Ketten.

Die erste Umsetzung des Nash Gleichgewichtes über das  Bedingungslose Grundeinkommen wird die Forschung öffnen und die Wirtschaft erst ermöglichen!

Mehr ist nicht besser!

Die US Wissenschaft der Ivy League überführte Claude Shannons Informationstheorien in eine religiöse Auslegung des Intelligent Design durch AI.

Medien, Wissenschaftler, Lehrstuhlinhaber, Parlamentarier tun ihren Job nicht!

Der Geist der Gesetze und dessen Auslegung durch uns alle, nicht durch die richterliche Auslegung ist maßgebend!

Es kann keine Demokratie durch Erzeugung von Nichtwählern geben.

Die EU hat versagt, die SubPrime Krise und deren tatsächliche Ursachen wurden als Warnsignal nicht korrekt gedeutet.

Alan Greenspan machte denselben Fehler nach den Ereignissen durch massive Leerverkäufe und Verlustrealisationen durch institutionelle Anleger am  Schwarzen Montag im Oktober 1987: er ging nicht Ursachen der Problematik wie z.B.  die Überschreibung des Geistes des Glass Steagall Actes durch Verbindungen zwischen Anlage- und Einlagegeschäft, zwischen Hypotheken und Debtmarkets, zwischen Geldschöpfung auf Seite der Notenbanken, der Offenmarktpolitik, staatlichen Schulden und Anleihemärkten sowie Privateinlagen und Bond/Equity Markets an, sondern setzte auf kurz- bis mittelfristige Gegenstrategien, welche genau zum Gegenteil führten, wie z.B. der SubPrime Krise. Was sind Colleteralized Debt Obligations? Was ist Junk Bond Stripping?

Warum wurden die Nettoverschuldungsquoten der EU Staaten umgangen (EU-Konvergenzkriterien: Das jährliche Haushaltsdefizit darf nicht mehr als 3 % des Bruttoinlandsprodukts betragen)?  Was ist ein Zins- und Währungs Swap? Was sind heterogene Volkswirtschaften?

Warum sollen wir negative Zinsen auf Spareinlagen bezahlen? Warum werden EZB Tender nicht zur Förderung von Nichtbanken, insbesondere des Mittelstandes und Kleinunternehmer, Neugründungen oder Forschung eingesetzt, sondern einfach „geparkt“?

Warum war Einstein kein (Universal)Genie? Leonardo da Vinci’s Mutter war eine Halbwaise mit sozial schwacher Stellung?

Warum haben wir in Deutschland kein FTTH (Fibre to the home)? Die DTAG ist ein Quasimonopolist. Die Behauptung, andere Anbieber würden deren Infrastruktur mitnutzen ist eine Schutzbehauptung, denn Deutschland und Europa ist im Begriff, sein Potential und technologische Vormachtstellung zu verlieren. 

Lohn Dumping kann keine Antwort mit Bestand sein!

Die Solar(zellen)industie (Solar World und Co.) existiert praktisch nicht mehr in Deutschland!

Die DTAG hat etwas geerbt was ihr nicht zusteht, unsere Kommunikation, unser Einfluss auf unser Geschick durch freien Informationsfluss, unsere Zukunft, unsere Gesundheit, die Zukunft unserer Kinder und Kindes Kinder!

Uns steht jedoch Glasfaseranbindung und ein freies Internet für alle zu! Sowie bessere, günstigere Nahrung, Energie und Wohnen. Eine weniger giftige Umwelt, welche nichts mit dem natürlichen aber ständigen Wandel im Universum, welches keine Konstanten hat, zu tun hat, sondern mit einer engen Auslegung der natürlichen Bedingungen. Die Umgebung in welcher unsere Kinder aufwachsen entspricht nicht deren natürlichen Lebenbedingungen, deren Talente werden in Schulen und Universitäten förmlich zerstört. Eine hierarchische Bildungsauffassung ohne kulturelle Einbettung verschließt den Geist.

Unsere Zukunft wird fantastisch – wir lassen es einfach zu!

Weiterführende Lektüre:

Prof Kaku: America has the worst education system known to science!

Begründung des Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens aus der Wirtschaftstheorie – Nash Equilibrium -Technologietransfer und Positiver Netto Effekt

Initialinformationen zur Erneuerung der Energiewirtschaft in Deutschland

Theoretical Physics for new energy – IT – Energy Cluster

Mind Anarcho Capital – Phase Transition by research and mind technology transfer

Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons

Consciousness, Computation and Understanding in Theoretical Physics by Maziar Esfahanian, submitted to Professor Oliver Thewalt

Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

There is no cancer as such, the approach to treat cancer as a disease is not very helpful: what is missing is it to understand that there are mind and environment induced „quasi inflammatory“ meta static states on quantum level ….. ~Quantum Biology

Space Weather – Solar Activity – LAI Coupling – Earthquakes – Coronal Mass Ejection and nuclear physics

A Global Trading System based on Trust and self balancing

Informationsinitiative im Auftrag des Bundesministerium für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz und Wirtschaftsministerium des Saarlandes

Note about imaginary negative mass–-seen-from-higgs-string-vacua-foldings-bh-states-bh-identity-and-electron-nuclear-shell-model


Oliver Thewalt

Talent enables education

Energy Consultant

Theoretical Physics | Quantum Biology

Media Relation:





Neogrid e.V.

eMail: science (AT) hixgrid (dot) de

edv (AT) neogrid (dot) de

Phone: Germany  ++49 – 681 – 9331 – 86 – 91


Google Plus:

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Sep 18

Solange ich eine Vermieterbescheinigung für das Jobcenter vorlegen muss,

kann ich schlecht eine Wohnung finden!

Die Frage zur beruflichen Situation war schon nicht legal,

doch welchen Sinn hat es, dort keine näheren Angaben zu machen, was mein Recht wäre,

wenn ich sowieso eine Vermieterbescheinigung, ausgefüllt vom Vermieter, beim Jobcenter vorlegen muss?


Sehr geehrter Herr Fritz,


Wissen Sie was Diskriminierungsverbot ist, und was das strafrechtlich zur Folge hat?

…. und da ich beruflich hauptsächlich über meine Bildungsthemen mit Studenten zu tun habe,
offenbart das Ihre tatsächliche Gesinnung.

Das wird sehr peinlich für Sie!



Hallo Herr Thewald,
aufgrund der Altersstruktur der übrigen Mietparteien in diesem Haus (vorwiegend Studenten) denken wir, dass die Wohnung für Sie dann doch nicht das Richtige ist.
Wir sagen darum den Besichtigungstermin hiermit ab.
Wir wünschen Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg bei der Wohnungssuche!
Viele Grüße und einen schönen Feiertag,
J. Fritz


Hallo Herr Fritz,

ich bin ** Jahre alt, derzeit beim Jobcenter Arbeitssuchend gemeldet und wohne ****.

Viele Grüsse

Hallo Herr Thewald,
Ganz entspannt reichen: Alter, Arbeitgeber, berufliche Situation und derzeitige Anschrift.
Viele Grüße
J. Fritz

Von meinem iPad gesendet


Hallo Herr Fritz,

ich erzähle Ihnen sehr gerne was über meine Person.

Da ich jedoch nicht genau weiß, was Sie von mir wissen wollen,
schlage ich vor, dass wir das interaktiv über das Telefon machen.

Geben Sie mir einfach Ihre Telefonnummer und ich rufe Sie heute oder
morgen abend mal ganz bequem an.

Viele Grüße


Hallo Herr Thewald,

Wir haben gerade gesehen, Sie es bisher noch versäumt haben, uns weitere Angaben zu Ihrer Person mitzuteilen.
Bitte holen Sie das noch nach, da dies Voraussetzung für den Besichtigungstermin ist.
Eine endgültige Bestätigung des Termin erhalten Sie dann nach Eingang der Angaben.

Viele Grüße,

Joachim Fritz

Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail:

Von: Joachim Fritz <***
Datum: 14. August 2017 um 10:33:21 MESZ

Betreff: Re: Wohnung Mozartstraße Saarbrücken

Hallo Herr Thewald,

Dann sehen wir uns am Mittwoch um 16:00 Uhr in der Mozartstraße 15 in 66111 Saarbrücken. Wir treffen uns vor dem Hauseingang.

Bis dahin viele Grüße und einen schönen Feiertag,
Joachim Fritz


Hallo Herr Fritz,

ja, den Termin am Mittwoch, den 16.08.2017 um 16:00 kann ich wahrnehmen.

Allerdings müsste ich dann die Hausnummer in der Mozartstr. wissen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



Hallo Herr Thewald!

Wir können Ihnen für den genannten Mittwoch, den 16.08.2017, auch noch einen Termin um 16:00 Uhr anbieten.

Bitte machen Sie noch ein paar weiterführende Angaben zu Ihrer Person und teilen Sie uns mit, ob Sie den Termin um 16:00 wahrnehmen können.

Viele Grüße,

Joachim Fritz


Hallo Familie Fritz,

ich würde gerne einen Besichtigungstermin für kommende Woche für diese Wohnung in
der Mozartstr. wahrnehmen.

Wäre auch ein Termin Nachmittags ab 16 Uhr möglich in dieser Woche?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Hallo Herr Thewald!

Wir freuen uns über Ihr Interesse an der Wohnung in der Mozartstraße.

Gerne können wir einen Besichtigungstermin vereinbaren.

Vorab noch zu Ihrer Information:

Die zu hinterlegende Kaution bei der Anmietung der Wohnung beträgt 900,- €.

Zur Wohnung dazu gehört – wie in der Anzeige auch schon dargestellt – der Tiefgaragenstellplatz, der grundsätzlich zusammen mit der Wohnung vermietet wird.

Hausmeisterservice (Treppenhausreinigung) ist ebenfalls noch im Mietpreis/Nebenkosten enthalten, natürlich auch alle anderen üblichen Kosten wie Wasser-, Heizkostenpauschale, Müllentsorgung etc.

Ein Vertrag mit einem Strom-Anbieter ist separat und individuell vom Mieter abzuschließen, ebenso wenn gewünscht mit einen Internet-Anbieter.

Als Besichtigungstermin können wir Ihnen den kommenden Mittwoch, den 16.08.2017 um 11:30 Uhr anbieten.

Bitte teilen Sie uns mit, ab Sie den Termin wahrnehmen können. Wir senden Ihnen dann die genaue Anschrift der Wohnung zu.


Viele Grüße, Annemarie Gestier-Fritz & Joachim Fritz

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Sep 18

Petition an den Deutschen Bundestag
Bundestagswahl 2017

An den
Deutschen Bundestag
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin
– Für Ihre Unterlagen –
Persönliche Daten des Hauptpetenten
Anrede Herr
Name Thewalt
Vorname Oliver

Titel Professor (nicht offiziell)
Wohnort Saarbrücken
Postleitzahl 66113
Straße und Hausnr. Parallel Str. 5
Land/Bundesland. Deutschland
Telefonnummer 0681-9331-86-91

Petition ********** – 14. September 2017
Seite2 Petition an den Deutschen Bundestag
(mit der Bitte um Veröffentlichung)

Wortlaut der Petition

Einsetzung eines Untersuchungsausschusses. Meine Regierung darf mich nicht in eine Wohnung ohne Internet
setzen. Das ist verfassungswidrig! Stärkung der Rechte für Kinder, Heranwachsende und Familien.
Verbreitung falscher Gerüchte kann als Tötungsdelikt gewertet werden. Schutz vor inner familiärer Gewalt.
Einführung BGE, Anpassung BaföG. Öffnung des Bildungssystems für Natur- und
Geisteswissenschaften.Veröffentlichung unter dem Scientific Lead von mir und Georg Drakenberg/Newcastle

This is a case of medical misuse, violence within my family against me including physical violence by my
brother Jörn Thewalt and violence to me as a small child by my mother Maria Theresia Gnaehrich (born
Becker, divorced Thewalt) and step father, Rainmar Gnaehrich ObraSafe GmbH St Ingbert/Germany and
proliferating wrong rumors, economic fraud and violaton of the german law for telecommunicaton (TKG).
We need to open the educational system for the natural sciences and humanities. We need to subordiante the
human medicine to the natual sciences, in this case it is about antibiotics in early childhood, an MMR Vaccine
and Violence in my family, ignorance of my intelligence by teachers and Professors.
And we need to change the laws according to my proposals.
And changes in medicines law: The Paul Ehrlich Institute is just doing a control of batches, they are not
providing single vaccines.

Anzeige gegen Rainmar Gnaehrich und Erfüllungsgehilfen wegen Kapitalverbrechen

My government wants to put me in a room without internet – please rise up, call and write them!
Secretary of state (MWAEV Saarland) and head of board of directors of my government controlled landlord,
WOGE Saar and SHS Strukturholding Saar Gmbh,

Jürgen Barke
Petition ***** – 14. September 2017
Seite3 Petition an den Deutschen Bundestag
(mit der Bitte um Veröffentlichung)
++ 49 -681 -501 – 1877
My landlord:

Johanna Kredteck
++49 – 6893 -9899 -410

WOGE Saar Wohnungsgesellschaft Saarland

Judge at District Court Saarbrücken (Amtsgericht Saarbrücken)

Richterin Claudia Reichel-Scherer
Secretary: Miss Ackermann

++ 49 – 681 – 501 – 5173

Routine Number of Court Order: 36 C 71 / 17 (12)

Geschäftsnummer des Amtsgerichtes Saarbrücken 36 C 71 / 17 (12)
Background Information:

Demand for Official investigations / Police Protection – Reports to public prosecution department
Saarbruecken Germany

Conscious, Computation and Understanding in theoretical physics

Anregungen für die Forendiskussion
Petition ******* – 14. September 2017

Seite4 Petition an den Deutschen Bundestag
(mit der Bitte um Veröffentlichung)
Stärkung der Rechte für Kinder, Familien, Schüler (In Süd Korea gib es Schulen, in denen Schüler „nein“
sagen können) und Studenten, Anpassung des BaföG

Begründung des Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens aus der Wirtschaftstheorie – Nash Equilibrium –
Technologietransfer und Positiver Netto Effekt
Unschooling erlauben!

Mind Anarcho Capital – Phase Transition by research and mind technology transfer

Mind Anarcho Capital zur Befreiung des Geistes für die Forschung
About Time Crystals – A Messenger Lecture

Petition ******* – 14. September 2017

Soweit Sie es für wichtig halten, senden Sie bitte ergänzende Unterlagen in Kopie (z.B. Entscheidungen der
betroffenen Behörde, Klageschriften, Urteile) nach Erhalt des Aktenzeichens auf dem Postweg an folgende

Deutscher Bundestag
Sekretariat des Petitionsausschusses
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin
Tel: (030)227 35257
Seite5 Petition an den Deutschen Bundestag
(mit der Bitte um Veröffentlichung)
Petition **** – 14. September 2017

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Sep 18

Bundestagswahl 2017


Neogrid e.V.
Parallel Str. 5
66113 Saarbrücken

Ministerpräsidentin des Saarlandes
Frau Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes
Am Ludwigsplatz 14

66117 Saarbrücken
Abs. Neogrid eV Oliver Thewalt Parallel Str. 5 66113 Saarbrücken


z.H. Frau Kramp-Karrenbauer –persönlich –

Montag, 10. Juli 2017

Sehr geehrte Frau Kramp-Karrenbauer,

Eltern bedürfen einer verantwortungsvollen Beratung zu Fragen über Impfrisiken für ihre Kinder.
Das Autismusrisiko für Kinder bei einer Gabe des MMR-Impfstoffes vor Erreichen des dritten Lebensjahres steigt um 700 % im Vergleich zu derselben Impfung nach dem dritten Lebensjahr des Kindes.

Bei Kindern welche in ihrem ersten Lebensjahr völlig gesund waren, ohne Feststellung irgendwelcher Komorbiditäten, ist das Risiko für isolierten Autismus bei einer MMR-Impfung hoch signifikant für Nebenwirkungen und Komplikationen, d.h. diese Kinder hatten vor der MMR-Impfung keine bekannte Indikation.

Wir Wissenschaftler fordern die rückhaltlose Aufklärung des damit verbundenen Pharmaskandals zum Schutze der Kinder, Eltern und der Öffentlichkeit. Es geht um die Gesundheit unserer Kinder und die Zukunft unseres Landes!

Die Autismusraten unter Neugeborenen in den USA, Europa und auch global weisen einen exponentiellen Trend auf:

die Rate der Autisten unter Neugeborenen in den USA ist in den letzten 50 Jahren erst vertikal und dann exponentiell von 1 zu 5000 im Jahr 1975 auf 1 zu 110 in 2010, 1 zu 68 in 2012 gestiegen. Falls dieser Trend sich ohne weitere Einflüsse fortsetzen würde, hätten wir ein Autismusrisiko unter Neugeborenen in den USA von 1/2 bis 2032, wobei davon auszugehen ist, dass ca. 80% davon männlichen Geschlechts sein werden.

Bei Gesprächen mit Eltern wurde mir erst kürzlich von einem solchen Fall berichtet, wonach ein Kind kurz nach Gabe des MMR-Kombinationspräparates Schüttelfrostähnliche Anfälle und Krämpfe bekam und dann irreversibel autistisch wurde!

Im Zuge dessen hat die Öffentlichkeit ein Recht auf korrekte Informationen und Aufklärung. Deswegen fordern wir Wissenschaftler die Veröffentlichung der korrekten Darstellung der Studien zu diesem Thema, die vorbehaltlose Zurverfügungstellung der einzelnen Impfstoffe für Masern, Mumps und Röteln, die Einstufung der Impfstoffe als Arzneimittel nach EU Richtlinien mit mindestens Doppelblind Studien welche eine Kontrollgruppe für Nicht-geimpfte Probanden enthält.

Die fallbezogenen Notwendigkeit zu einer Masernimpfung wird nicht bestritten. Jedoch weise ich schon hier auf die bessere Darstellung der Ursächlichkeit des Masernvirus, die hohen Variabilität der Pathogene, die Implikationen aus urbanen Umweltbedingungen im Unterschied zu Umwelteinflüssen in ehemaligen Kolonialgebieten, die hygienischen Bedingungen, die Anpassungsfähigkeit des Immunsystems sowie die Spezies übergreifende Mutagenität (Cross Species Transmissions) von Pathogenen hin.

Im Zuge dessen wird eine Öffnung des Studiums der Human Medizin für die Natur- und Geisteswissenschaften gefordert, womit bessere Erkenntnis in die Curricula der Hochschulen einfließen kann, in diesem Fall über Neuro Immune Connections.

Die Wikimedia Foundation sowie Stiftungen, Verbände, Institutionen, Forschungseinrichtungen, insbesondere solche mit wesentlichen Anteilen der Betriebs- und Forschungskostenfinanzierung aus öffentlicher oder öffentlich induzierter Hand sind anzuweisen, sich zum Schutze der Bevölkerung an die korrekte Darstellung aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht zu halten und dies auch zu kommunizieren.

Ich empfehle, sich den Dokumentarfilm „Vaxxed“ des Gastroenterologen Dr. Andrew Wakefield anzusehen.


Einführung über den signifikanten Zusammenhang zwischen einer MMR-Impfung in der frühen Kindheit und Autismus

Press Release: Link between the immune system and the brain – neuro-immune connections



Bei Rückfragen können Sie mich gerne unter der 0681 – 9331 – 86 – 91 auch telefonisch erreichen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Oliver Thewalt

Theoretical Physics | Quantenbiologie

Energy Consultant
1. Vorsitzender
Neogrid e.V.
Parallel Str. 5
66113 Saarbrücken
Dark Matter Research Group


Google Short URL

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Sep 18

Bundestagswahl 2017


Staatsanwaltschaft Saarbrücken
Zähringerstraße 12
66119 Saarbrücken

Abs. Neogrid e.V. Oliver Thewalt Parallelstr. 5 66113 Saarbrücken



07. August 2017


Ich, Oliver Thewalt, geb. 05.09.1965 in Saarbrücken, 1. Vorsitzender des Neogrid e.V. Parallel Str. 5, 66113 Saarbrücken, unabhängiger Forscher in der theoretischen Physik und Quantenbiologie, zeige hiermit Staatssekretär im Wirtschaftsministerium des Saarlandes und Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender der WOGE Saar, Jürgen Barke, Wolfgang Bogler von der Staatskanzlei des Saarland, Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) sowie Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU Saar) wegen Deckung des Versuchs eines politischen Mordes im Zusammenhang mit der Geschäftsnummer des Amtsgerichtes Saarbrücken 36 C 71 / 17 (12) und des Aktenzeichens der Staatsanwaltschaft Saarbrücken, 12 Js 1194 /16 an.

Frau Merkel wurde 2016 über Herrn Jürgen Wagener, Saarbrücken, gebeten sich um die Angelegenheit zu kümmern, hat dann jedoch aus wahltaktischen Gründen darauf verzichtet, obwohl die Aufklärung des damit verbundenen Pharmaskandals zu ihren obersten Pflichten zur Abwendung von Gefahr für die Bevölkerung gehört.

Ich werde dies noch näher ausführen, die meisten Inhalte sind schon im Internet geteilt und beziehen sich auf einen Pharmaskandal über Neuro Immune Connections im Zusammenhang mit einer MMR Impfung sowie Antibiotika in der frühen Kindheit, der Körperverletzung mit Absicht des Quasi-Mordes aus Geldgier von Jörn Thewalt gegen mich im Januar 1990 in Paris sowie der Verbreitung falscher Gerüchte gegen mich nach faschistischer Lebensbornart von Herr Rainmar Gnaehrich, Geschäftsführer Gesellschafter der ObraSafe GmbH St. Ingbert, mein Stiefvater, der damit das Vermögen meiner Mutter decken wollte und versuchte, an das Vermögen meines Vaters Bernd Thewalt zu gelangen (Erfüllung des Kriterium des Mordes aus niederen Beweggründen.) Dies war Herrn Heiko Maas bekannt, nachdem ich mit Herrn Steinmann vom Bundesministerium für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz telefoniert hatte.

Herr Heiko Maas war genau in diesem Zeitraum (1996 – 1998) Staatssekretär im Ministerium für Umwelt, Minister für Umwelt, Energie und Verkehr im Saarland (1998 bis 1999) sowie von 2012 bis 2013 und stellvertretender Ministerpräsident im Saarland (2012 bis 2013, nach eigenen Angaben Das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Energie und Verkehr im Saarland hatte in diesem Zeitraum die Firma meines Stiefvaters Rainmar Gnahrich, ObraSafe GmbH, St.Ingbert, mit öffentlichen Mitteln gefördert.

Ich weise darauf hin, dass sowohl Rainmar Gnaehrich, als auch Thomas Duis und einige weitere Beteiligte Mitglied im Rotary Club St. Ingbert bzw Saarbrücken St. Johann sind, und Wolfgang Bogler wie auch Thomas Duis für die Hochschule Musik Saar tätig waren oder sind. Dies steht auch im Zusammenhang zu Beteiligten welche Mitglied im Lions Club Saarbrücken bzw. Saarlouis sind.

Im Zuge dessen hat mir das Jobcenter Saarbrücken, vertreten durch Herrn Markus Kausch, bis heute meine Gelder zur Regeneration eines Reizdarmsyndroms (Gewährung eines Mehrbedarfes für kostenaufwendige Ernährung gemäß § 21 SGB II Absatz 5), trotz ärztlicher Bescheinigung, verweigert.

Ich zeige deswegen Herrn Markus Kausch vom Jobcenter in Saarbrücken an.

Die CDC hatte eigene Studien zu einem Zusammenhang zwischen einer MMR-Impfung (Masern, Mumps, Röteln) und Autismus, die einen signifikanten Zusammenhang zeigen, erst manipuliert und dann vernichtet.

In diesem Zusammenhang fordere ich die Kinderärztin Elisabeth Kremmer Dahmen in Saarbrücken zur Offenlegung der Verfahrenspraxis zu MMR Impfungen auf.

Weiterhin verlange ich Schutz vor meiner Regierung, den Ordnungsbehörden und dem Jobcenter, da ich mich durch diese bedroht fühle.

Es wurden mir nicht genügend Gelder für einen eventuellen Umzug gem SGB II angeboten.

Meine Anzeige gegen Herr Günther Larsen (Heimes & Müller) und Richter am Amtsgericht Saarbrücken, Armin Effnert wegen einer Verkehrssache (1991, Zeugin: Manuela Wiegand, Kassel) steht damit in Zusammenhang, da ich auch deswegen das Vertrauen in den Rechtsstaat völlig verloren habe.

Ärzte sollen Patienten mit Reizdarmsyndrom individuell behandeln

Stomaching the change to our understanding of IBS

Einführung über den signifikanten Zusammenhang zwischen einer MMR-Impfung in der frühen Kindheit und Autismus

Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS

Host microbiota keep the brain healthy


Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS.


Offener Brief an Frau Kramp-Karrenbauer über Impfungen





Oliver Thewalt, geb. 05 09. 1965 Saarbrücken, wohnhaft Parallel Str. 5 66113 Saarbrücken,
1. Vorsitzender des gemeinnützigen Neogrid e.V. Saarbrücken, Forscher im Bereich theoretische Physik und Quantenbiologie (



Saarbrücken, 07.08.2017
———————————-              ———————–
Ort, Datum                                          Oliver Thewalt


Schicksaal zu nennen, die Brandstifter Staatsanwaltschaft Saarbrücken 12 Js 1194 /16 #Culprits #Faschisten #finite #bodies #NAZI #Code

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Nov 21

Strukturbiologie weist neue Wege für Therapie von HIV-Infektionen und Alzheimer

Jülich, 17. November 2009 – Wie verhalten sich schädliche Eiweiße im menschlichen Körper? Was hält sie auf? Wissenschaftler aus Jülich und Düsseldorf suchen seit mehreren Jahren erfolgreich zusammen nach Antworten auf diese Fragen aus der Strukturbiologie. Ihre Schwerpunkte: Virusproteine – Eiweiße, die etwa die Vermehrung von Viren steuern, sowie Alzheimer-Amyloid – toxische Aggregate aus Eiweißen, die im Verdacht stehen, typische Alzheimer-Symptome zu verursachen. Mit einem neuen 900-MHz-NMR-Spektrometer können die Wissenschaftler das Aussehen der Eiweiße Atom für Atom und ihre Wirkweisen im Körper jetzt noch genauer analysieren.

Eiweiße oder Proteine sind die Grundbausteine aller Zellen – und damit lebensnotwendig. Es gibt sie aber auch in lebensbedrohlicher Form: In Viren beispielsweise können Proteine die Ausbreitung der Krankheitserreger oder die Heftigkeit einer Infektion steuern. Bei der Alzheimerschen Demenz entstehen aus körpereigenen Eiweißen toxische Aggregate, die die Nervenzellen im Gehirn schädigen und dadurch vermutlich zu den typischen Symptomen von Alzheimer führen.

Im „Biomolekularen NMR-Zentrum“ entschlüsseln Wissenschaftler der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf und des Forschungszentrums Jülich, einem Mitglied der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, seit 2005 Aussehen und Wirkweise komplexer Proteine, die an verschiedenen Infektionen und neurodegenerativen Krankheiten beteiligt sind. Des Weiteren beschreiten die Forscher neue Wege in der Grundlagenforschung, um neuartige Therapiestrategien gegen die HIV-Infektion und Alzheimer zu entwickeln. Die Forscher identifizierten bereits eine Substanz, die sehr interessante Eigenschaften für eine Therapie von Alzheimer aufweist. Untersuchungen zur Wirkweise dieser vielversprechenden Substanz laufen derzeit. Für Viren mit hoher Mutationsrate, wie zum Beispiel das AIDS-Virus, arbeiten sie an einem neuen therapeutischen Ansatz, dem „Molecular Shielding“, der die üblicherweise auftretende schnelle Resistenzentwicklung solcher Viren umgeht.

Dabei hilft den Wissenschaftlern ein neues Großgerät, das den Blick auf die Proteine weiter schärft. Seit kurzem nutzen sie auf dem Jülicher Campus ein 900-MHz-NMR-Spektrometer der Universität Düsseldorf. Das Messgerät beeindruckt bereits durch seine imposante Erscheinung. Viel mehr noch aber überzeugt es durch sein Herzstück: einen supraleitenden Elektromagneten mit der gigantischen Magnetfeldstärke von 21,1 Tesla, das entspricht mehr als dem 400.000-Fachen des Erdmagnetfelds. Das Messgerät gehört damit zu den stärksten und empfindlichsten seiner Art weltweit und liefert noch genauere Informationen über das Erscheinungsbild der Eiweiße und ihre Funktion im menschlichen Körper.

Die Finanzierung des 900-MHz-NMR-Geräts erfolgte durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen und die Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Das Forschungszentrum Jülich stellt den erforderlichen Neubau für das Gerät und kommt für die Betriebskosten auf.

„Kooperation ist ein Schlüsselbegriff für künftige Strukturen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens: Die Zukunft liegt im vernetzten Forschen“, sagt Prof. Achim Bachem, Vorstandsvorsitzender des Forschungszentrums Jülich. „Die enge Zusammenarbeit im Biomolekularen NMR-Zentrum und das neue Düsseldorfer NMR-Gerät auf dem Jülicher Campus zeigen beispielhaft, wie zielstrebig wir diesen Weg bereits verfolgen.“ Prof. Lutz Schmitt, Prorektor der Universität Düsseldorf, ergänzt: „Im Biomolekularen NMR-Zentrum können wir unseren Wissenschaftlern eine einmalige Infrastruktur bieten und verbinden unsere Kompetenzen für eine hochqualifizierte, interdisziplinäre Ausbildung, zum Beispiel in der International Helmholtz Research School BioSoft und der NRW-Forschungsschule BioStruct.“

Der Leiter des Biomolekularen NMR-Zentrums, Prof. Dieter Willbold, der sowohl in Düsseldorf als auch in Jülich jeweils ein Institut leitet, freut sich auf die Forschung mit dem Gerät: „Wir möchten unter anderem neue antivirale Strategien wie das „Molecular Shielding“ weiter entwickeln, das zum Beispiel für die Therapie von AIDS in Frage käme.“ Bei diesem Ansatz bekämpfen die Forscher das Virus nicht direkt. Stattdessen schützen sie menschliche Proteine, die durch Virusproteine angegriffen werden, mit einem maßgeschneiderten Molekül. „Das AIDS-Virus kann sich sehr schnell verändern und wird so resistent gegen Medikamente, die das Virusprotein selbst bekämpfen. Dieses Problem umgehen wir mit der neuen Strategie, denn sie richtet sich nicht direkt gegen Virusproteine, sondern schirmt deren Angriffsfläche auf dem menschlichen Protein ab.“ Auch bei dem Verständnis der Wirkweise und der Weiterentwicklung einer therapeutisch aktiven Substanz gegen Alzheimer soll das neue Gerät helfen.

Quelle: Pressemitteilung Forschungszentrum Jülich

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