Jan 10

A documentary about Stonehenge reported about a theory of moon and sun cycles: the age of the sun replacing the (golden?) age of the moon

– moon: animal hunting in the moon light during old stone age, no property, a non-settled society  (hunter and gatherer), no battle for wealth, wealth not neccessary, healthy people, men and women in their social roles – no special gender related conflict as a long as everybody fits into its natural role.

– and sun: after an ice age many animals were gone so that h. sapiens was forced to do agcriculture -> settled people, monotonous work, over emphasis of the role of man, thinking in terms of farmland and beginning of acquis thinking, battles to gain wealth, disease due to settlement, domestication, domesticated animals -> no more living in accordance to a natural biorhythm (circadian complex) and nature’s rhythm

….hence scientists developed a theory about Stonehenge and Newgrange (Ireland) being designed to demonstrate the moon  ruling  over the sun in order to regain the ancient times and may be as a prophecy or warning (The massacre mass grave of Schöneck-Kilianstädten reveals new insights into collective violence in Early Neolithic Central Europe) – priests of the old stone age (or young stone age then) could have anticipated this destiny of mankind.

Our moon has different cycles: one month or about 18 years, which are an integral part of the  Stonehenge or Newgrange „astronomy“. This is amazing, isn’t it?


According to this world view, the „age of the  sun“ brought crop failures and diseases by for instance cross species transmutations of microorganisms due to domestication of animals and animal farming .

Archaeologists found 4 ‚Acqueducts‘ made of metal or gold in central Europe, which were revealed as crypted calendars!

I have the impression that the priests of stone age did know about this process to abandon the way of living as Hunters and Gatherers and that this was irreversible – this is brilliant, isn’t it?

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