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DRAFT, Preprint to be completed, 2. December 2017 by Oliver Thewalt

We enable “warp drive” for a reinterpretation of transport within space by addressing adiabatic – notion of preexistent states, unobservable universe, Notes about Black Hole Cavity States – On the Trail of Magnetic Monopoles, quantum space states for the Inner Infinity Notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons mediators (Zero Kelvin quantum vacuum notion), such as DMF field virtuals (Dark Matter Field), global insulators via the Higgs Field, quantum particles, Dirac String neutralinos and quantum monopol preexistent states via the gluon surfaces and taping of quarks (post quantum mechanics world view for diffraction and interference).

We set a world view of no outer transport (inertial vs. global (free falling frame) through “space” but inner (non-locality) transport by photonic mediation and (in principle) a diphotonic basic quantum vacuum enabling mediators that are addressing adiabatic quantum states and quantum foam (Dirac Foam, Crystalline Phase) in order to stretch out a virtual space and space states (for the real and quantum world regime via the ( outer) nuclear shell model by Maria Goeppert Mayer and Jenssen (Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view for higgs string vacua foldings – BH states – BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model, ) and knot theory, Borromean Rings, Thermodynamics beyond the Newtonian and Boltzmann world view extended by the Higss field Theory and (anti) hydrogen model Preliminary Information about the Matter Creation Process in the Higgs-Field, A Black Hole Cavity State by the Inner Infinity Notion.

For “warp drive” that addresses matter we construct a warp spin glass medium in order to have a virtual highway by a by DMF virtuals Glider surface and navigational quantum spin state field (gliding, virtual space sailing and information navigation) in a monopole state (Dirac String Wilson Lines and Loops, Dirac String Neutralino) that will be translated (geared up and down) by a Majorana and Rydberg like Regime for the real world and Condensed Matter Physics (after the ultra cold and Zero Kelvin (Quantum Criticality) Cold (Quantum Levitation, Superconducting, BCS Cooper Pairs and Triplets, Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer ) and Dark (Higgs Field, insulator) phase.

The coupling phase will be applied in order to enable a spin glass bonding for a 0,00001 to 0,0001 to 0,9 to 0,9999 to 0,2 to 0,29 … to 3 Kelvin (inverse n-fractal gluon color coupling for surfaces and qcd colors for the Zero Kelvin Regime and Phases in an Regime for diffraction and interference by inverse Boltzmann states, for instance Mpemba Effect) phase layers in a shifting ultra cold regime (quantum criticality) in order to apply the adiabatic states of the unobservable universe.

This can be shifted in an n-dimensional phase transition (Crystalline states dissolving gravity, Tesselation, surface couplings of Black Hole to particle states at Horizons and surfaces for Efimov states like quark multi states and multi quark taping, ‘couplings’) and swirls to a quantum levitation field that encapsulates the thermodynamics. This is about the feasibility of transport for living beings and ordinary matter.

Hence, we have concerning the energy balance in the world view of an imaginary negative mass Regime in a Region of Neutrality no strong need for a an exothermic process or low negative energy Balance, as we set energy and matter by a proton folding to electron bonding and neglect the energy matter conversion.

We do not address an energy matter transformation in Einstein’s E= MC2 world view.

The principle and world view is not based on an energy matter conversion world view but on the

application of a principle by a diphotonic crystalline mediation and applied diffraction and interference by a quantum monopol state for a Dirac String neutralino of a monopol state crystalline phase by an, for instance, high energy spin 2 photon (thanks Michael Balmer) as a Dirac String surface of a photon to photon Black Hole coupling that addresses a Black Hole cavity state regime (implosion point).

In this world view we set mass as a kind of quantum state by energy: mass is a unique imprint of an

energy folding (basically protons) and bonding (basically electrons) in a phase transition within space topology. (What is mass in view to energy – The Problem with the conservation of energy on an universal scale ).

Therefore we do not need to calculate the energy balance but the implosion “string” points of the cavity states regime that will be initiated as a kind of inverse hypernova in a negative proton decay process.

A Black Hole Cavity State by the Inner Infinity Notion

We do not need to apply nuclear fusion but high energy cavity states by a Black Hole to Black Hole

cavity state photonic coupling for preexistent adiabatic states without addressing the gamma ray or antimatter energy release by stripping the outer nuclear shell orbits of the electrons.

This is why we do not address the antimatter or (positive) charge identity or a gamma ray release but enable an intergalactic spin glass surface regime on a quantum electron state beam that will be transformed by infinitesimal steps and in a soliton to solenoid regime for the vibration of the Higgs String Vacua that dissolves gravity.

Gravity is not applied as such but the Mini Rindler Horizons for the surfaces to the Black Hole state (outer nuclear shell model) knot bondings and Borromean Rings that allow to describe the inverse States of interference.

The adiabatic states decouple for the moment of an energy transfer. An instantaneous ‘positive’ energy transfer or shift can result in a cooling of the overall system states.

For the technology we need a quantum computer for the prime number regime that is eliminating not preferable waves in a 2d world sheet.

For the technology we need a quantum computer for the prime number regime that is eliminating not preferable waves in a 2d world sheet, a quantum annealing distributed device for the calculation of the majorana states coupling regime (for instance, deep inelastic scattering (DIS), for the gluon color spin glass (no plasma!) and digital GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) that apply for the wavefunction from the real world and an extended version of matter by Condensed Matter Physics and the quantum devices.

We need a prime number based quantum computer for the low Kelvin phase and a non prime Number, string vacua knots based quantum computer for the dimensional transition of the Zero Kelvin Regime for the 0 to 0,1 Kelvin inner infinity notion based virtual quantum space notion to the Crystalline and ultra cold, quantum criticality phase in order to apply the Dirac String to a Wilson Loop and dissolve the Loop to the Wilson Line for QCD.

We extend QCD by the gluon phase. We need to construct the Schwarzschild implosion points for Surfaces , bondings and cross sections, photonic surfaces and interference for the Boltzmann T state (entropy) regime and entropy phases. We will extend the Entropy formula by Boltzmann (S= K. ln W) for an inverse entropy state regime.

This gives us the opportunity to calculate Planck Phases, preexistent non Planckian phases and Neutrino oscillation for Higgs String vacua vibration.

This gives us insights for “Time Layers” (t, lower case letter) for the Fourier Transformation so that we can show the imprint of t-layers in a phase transition of the Non Zero Kelvin Regime for the entropy phases (inverse phases).

This allows quantum locking for time scales for quantum atomic ‘clocks’ as a phase and clock Generator (time phase metronome).

We will apply this framework model in order to describe the quantum coupling and spin glass Lightning regime on that a vessel can sail within space.

We construct a string sail for a preexistent, prematter swirl vessel.

The string sail works as a kind of a navigator signal. The sailing vessel is still in a virtual phase.

Transport will not be enabled by movement through space but by phasing in and out to the virtual Vessel within an preexistent Planck T to t Regime (Non-Planckian to Planckian, dissolving locality and

Applying space topology, topological phases).

This means that passengers need to be adapted to the phase transition. The T to t transport works ‘backwards’ in a virtual sense.

Passengers ‘start’ in the’destination’ point in a string vessel that is not ‘there’ at T-t (Planck to non-Planck) ‘Time’ (quantum locking phase for Planck Time in a non Newtonian Regime Thermodynamics and Entropy (phases).

The string vessel is giving navigation to the real world (transport ‘ framing’) that is in a quantum Locking phase space device, not a ‘space ship’, you may say ‘ship space’.

In order to have a kind of space ship, we arrange the quantum locking in a quantum chamber.

The quantum chamber will be sent from the real world, the departure point for passengers and ordinary matter that is set to be relocated in a vessel.

We set up an intergalactic navigation network.

Therefore we need exact measurements and calculations for feasibility studies and entry points concerning stellar objects and radiation sources or levels for navigation.

We need to calculate the phase shifting for gravity and Black Hole radiation and the ultraviolet regime.

We apply ‘space states’: ultra cold and cold, dark and a Zero Kelvin inner infinity notion Regime (ZK-Regime in a dimensional phase transition).

This Ansatz can as well be applied for a beyond silicon photonics computing device and technology, communication, navigation, mobile devices and ‘hard ware’ (photonic multi dimensional transformations, multi ‘D’ printing and production.

Boltzmann was correct at his time by describing the entropy states and distributions of quantum states for a (gas) system by the Boltzmann entropy formula (S = k. ln W).

We extend the Boltzmann (Entropy) [Phase] Regime for the inverse entropy phase and the quantum Inverse interference of the transitional states (comparable to the Mpemba effect, further example

for post Newtonian Thermodynamics: The new thermodynamics: how quantum physics is bendingthe rules, Experiments are starting to probe the limits of the classical laws of thermodynamics.

We develop new mathematics and operators for the inverse entropy phases, the crystalline phase, the phase transitions and the Dark Matter Field.

Michael Balmer’s notes: Nuclear Configuration and the nuclear shell model

New Mathematics for Dark Matter by Michael Balmer

The Boltzmann Entropy Picture

Boltzmann Regime

(S = k. ln W)
Microstates to macrostates – Molecules – outer to inner Ring

Density distribution

Boltzmann Regime

Inverse Boltzmann Phase Space, beyond inverse Boltzmann distribution

(A temperature below absolute zero
A phase transition within a quantum non quantum threshold to the quantum vacuum inner phase space alignment (inner infinity notion).

A phase transition as such is an (inverse) quantum locking state

Inverse Boltzmann Phase Space

π/prime zero value distribution,

    Proposal for an experiment

(the mathematics have to be worked out for π to prime zero values (distribution), π to prime n-fractal

The phase states and quantum non-quantum world threshold in a phase transition for the inner infinity notion.

Quantum vacuum √(-1 )= 0 a phase transition at tesselation to √(0 ) = -1 in n-fractal states

Infinitesimal tangents

Infinitesimal tangents as its own parallel to the Zero Kelvin Regime

Ring Theory

Molecular entropy states via Ring Theory

The theoretical cavity implosion points are in relation to Beta Plus (proton — > neutron) and Beta Minus (neutron — > proton) Decay and the theoretical inversion of N -> Z/e.

The neutron is made of two negative Up Quarks which is 1/3 and one positive Down Quark which is 2/3. The proton is made of two up positive Up Quarks and one negative down Quark. (thanks Michael Balmer)

In the Higgs Field, fermions are unused and uncharged, they do not interact with matter or charge. What is lacking is the crystallization by the matter boson (neutrino) that is responsible for mass (M) and the information boson , the photon that is responsible for charge (E), so that we have the E/M entity of existence by the Energy –Matter word view in view to the energy translation, in Einstein’s world view by the speed of light and the Planck’s Quanta.

The anti hydrogen –H 1 has a negative proton in its nucleus. This is a neutron and the reason why the nucleus of –H1 does not annihilate. What is annihilating in Dirac’s world view are the electron (e-) and positron (e+). But in a world view of imaginary negative mass and the Dark Matter field, this is a phase transition and the charge is shielded by the Dark Matter field to the quantum vacuum (negative field of existence, shielded by the region of neutrality).

A negative proton is the reversal of quarks, the reversal of quarks is a neutron.


y->Ve->Wf(w-+Zo)->Sf(Qrk)->N->@((N)->Z/e+Ve)= ************ H1

(thanks Michael Balmer)

We set up a Black Hole (circumference) cavity state for an inverse decay about the reversal of quarks in the phase transition from existence to non-existence for the E/M notion to existence in the Higgs field.

The tangents at the surfaces to the … Measuring up of states to the cavity points are being investigated.

N < - - Z/e Higgs Dirac Anti Hydrogen as a string phase H1 < - - - - - H1 Implosion on a string phase Why do physicists say that the proton has a very long decay rate? Neutrino induced Higgs “decay”, decay or radiation? Binding energy? The Neutron phase transition is happening on an atomic state Binding energy is part of the shielding in the Higgs field by neutrinos In a photonic transition. Decay is by destabilizing the phase transition to the wave function in the entropy phases. We set up a world view of a topological phase transition in a dimensional phase space alignment (granularity of the quantum vacuum, entanglement by non locality to inner “transport” due to space topology (energy “binding”, QCD to QED. Quantum Space locking for an intergalactic spin glass highway – a Beyond Silicon Photonics Model for Computing

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Okt 25

The circle number Pi can be dissected in a geometric part (Geodesic Projection, Geodesie) and a real part as an inner infinity conversion of the relation to circumference and diameter.

The circumference can be set as dimensional transition from a (Higgs String Vacua) 2d world sheet

to Horizons of particles as Efimov states.

We set the Geodesic Projection from Apparent Horizons to quarks as a Black Hole State.

The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael Balmer).

We have the inner infinity convergence of 1 to n-fractal parts of existence:

1 to 1/n-1 to 1/n-(n-1) to 1/n- (n-(n-1) … to 1/ n – fractal parts of n-(n-1).

The boundary value (limes) of 1 is converging to the inner infinity convergence:

Two up positive quarks of 1/3 is in a positive proton: 1/3 pos and -2/3 neg. In the world view of negative imaginary mass, the 1 is converging to its n-fractal parts of existence

<—————— 1

<——- lim 1

<———— 1/n-1

<————— 1/n-(n-1)

So that for z=-1 (Riemann Zeta) <-> infinity = -1/12 (Ramanujan), The stability constraints of the nuclei are about an inner infinity convergence and divergence.

The boundary value is inverted.

The formation of elements will be dissolved. We do not start with the formation of hydrogen in the Higgs field but theorize a (permanent, no start or end product) Black Hole Cavity Energy Release Potential via the formation of the Quantum Vacuum as “Space” by decay and a quantum state.

In order to develop a technology we dissect the energy / matter conversion from the geometric and adiabatic part. We will blend out the thermodynamics and focus on magnetic monopoles as preexistent states.

Therefore we apply the Euler identity and the infinity notion of Ramanujan (-1/12) as an inner infinity conversion by the circle number pi and n-fractal parts of the boundary value of -1 to its existence.

Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons

We have for imaginary negative mass at Horizons in a beyond Dirac world view √(-1 ) = 0.

For imaginary negative mass in a Beyond Einstein/Dirac World View

we have via the Euler Identity and the inner infinity conversion of -1/12 (Ramanujan) as non-existence creator of space vacuum

√(0 ) = -1

as a Black Hole cavity state potential.

Dark Energy (uncharged electrons) are in this world view a Dark Matter cavity fractal potential.

Neutrons are dissected from Neutrions (Oscillation)

N – Ve

Fermions are uncharged and unused in the Higgs field (thanks Michael Balmer).

A Black Hole Cavity State will be set into relation to Gravity via Neutrinos.

Dark energy will be set into relation to Proton decay via (spatial) foldings.

Dark Energy will be looked upon as a negative Cavity Potential (uncharged electrons).

A Black Hole Cavity State at Horizons

√(-1 ) = 0 will be set as a Black Hole Cavity energy release (folding (decay)) and bondings (electron nuclear shell/Dark Energy) to √(0 ) = -1 for imaginary negative mass.

Instead of applying the thermodynamics comparable to Quantum Levitation, we focus on locking matter in space in its inner infinity conversion by a Black Hole cavity space creator. We dissect the mass/energy notion from the geometric part and apply the adiabatic states for the IT –Energy compound.

2d world sheet

Higgs String Vacua Cavity State <–> Cavity state

| |

| |

| |

| |

Quantum Cavity State

Quantum Adiabatic universal „capacitor” √(0 )

Imaginary negative mass -1

Quantum Cavity State √(0 )

n-fractal tesselation

<——————- lim -1

We theorize the existence of space vacuum via a Black Hole Cavity State as a 2D World Sheet (vibrating, Higgs String Vacua, formation of elements, gravity as a result) with imaginary negative mass (spatial proton folding and electron bonding as a (gluon/swirl to quarks) potential at the outer electron shell via neutrinos that can be looked upon as a Quantum Vacuum (energy) cavity state potential.

Hence, the formation of space is related to a negative energy potential with a fractal relation to the Dark Matter field as an insulator.

Uncharged electrons are a Dark Matter cavity field potential.

Dark Energy is about a relation to Proton Decay.

The formation of the (anti) hydrogen (anti hydrogen has a neutron (negative proton) in its nucleus) is related to a Black Hole Cavity State at Horizons √(0 ) = -1.

The decay of particles is about an ongoing energy release potential as a “permanent” quantum state

0 <———— lim <———- -1 <———— 1- (n-1) <——— 0 (absolute zero of Quantum vacuum)


Horizons for √(0 ) = -1 (Crystalline Phase) for the inner infinity notion to the circle number Pi by Ramanujan in a fractal tesselation of the Crystalline Phase.

About Time Crystals – A Messenger Lecture

@ Dirac Waveoperator = -iM Dirac Waveoperator

The concept of negative imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac World View reveals that there is no antimatter as such but a phase transition within the Higgs field and gamma quants via a photonic gamma quant and a high energy photon.

Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view for higgs string vacua foldings – BH states – BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model.

Dark Energy is global.

2D World Sheet

Circle Number π via (inner) infinity notion (infinity = -1/12, Ramanujan) as an n-fractal tesselation at Horizons

| \

| \ π

| \

| \

| \


The Matter Energy Conversion is about a permanent Black Hole Cavity State (implosion).

Oscillating Neutrinos

V +- Cavity States


| <> Oscillation –> Cavity Mass /Energy via Euler Identity (Geometry)

| and Pi Transformation (inner) fractal infinity notion



Black Hole to particle states

-1 =√(0 ) = Black Hole Cavity State for 1/n fractal <———- lim 1

Inner infinity Notion

via Ramanujan and Pi.

Scaling of the relation of the inner infinity via Pi and Euler identity

Cavity State

to Universal “Capacitor” via Oscillation/frequency /higgs string vacua

Cavity Sate

as an energy matter relation for an energy release potential as a preexistent (space) state (“formation of space in “itself”).

Quantum Adiabatic Universal Capacitor

2d World Sheet Negative Imaginary Mass/neg. refr. index Quantum State

V+- Oscillation @ψ = -iM Y √(0) <—> √(-1)

<-1| <—> |0>

√(0) <—> =√(-1)

Photonic mediation means in view to dimension and neutrinos: y -> Ve -> Wf -> Sf -> DMF -> N -> Z/e (thanks Michael Balmer)

-1 =√(0 )

n-fractal tesselation

< —– lim -1

This is comparable to a Hubble Scale „Casimir effect“ in terms of gravity

no gain no loss (Einstein) gravity is within the higgs string field (- e space neg!) –pull/push

Hence, the origin of a theoretical Unruh Radiation is within Proton Decay at BH State Horizons as an energy release potential (preexsitent states).

In the Hawking world view of Black Holes, Apparent Horizons are the insulator to Unruh radiaton.

This model about Black Hole Cavity States can be applied for an energy shift from the electron/Proton to a photonic (electro static and biofluorescence) usage of devices and „production“ (IT/Communication, Screens,…)

and Computing Notion and application. These models need less energy, less Charge/recharge/uncharge processes, produces less toxic waste and offers cheaper devices for end consumers and a highly profitable business model.

Further Reading:

Feynman wasn’t joking:Modelling quantum dynamics with ground state wavefunctions

(via Prof. Vos Post)

On the Facebook Wall of Professor Vos Post


Could quark radiation actually create new space, and just not new particles? via Jeff Klumpp


Notes about Black Hole Cavity States – On the Trail of Magnetic Monopoles

Quantum Space locking for an intergalactic spin glass highway – a Beyond Silicon Photonics Model for Computing

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