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by Oliver Thewalt, Saarbruecken, Germany



I refer to the image shared at CERN Courier, April 2016, p. 18


“Two black holes about to merge: on 11, February, the LIGO interferometers in the US recorded the gravitational signal coming from the event. It marked the discovery of the gravitational waves.”


Two Black Holes about to merge - LIGO interferometer


Image Credit: The SXS (Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes) Project



The more appropriate interpretation than two black holes that are about to merge is about a quantum vacuum in a superfluidal state that is in a permanent transitional state concerning the charge identity and the E/M Fields.



This can be represented by a change within the distribution density that is visible from the Planck’ian World in terms of Boltzmann Entropy and matter.


We can compare this by a bubble in water for a fluidal state.


This is about a cavity vortex field within a superfluid.


We do not observe light in this vortex field due to the probability of stars and radiation sources being formed by microgravity and due to the escaping horizons for the higgs field.


Furthermore, we have to take into account a kind of an optical illusion on macro scale.


These seemingly two black holes can be interpreted as two “imprints” of the same fluidal state to the vortex field in the quantum vacuum that we observe by visible light.


This is about a cavity vortex field.


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