Nov 01

The Science Network HIXGRID – developed by Neogrid e.V. – encourages Scientists, Knowledge Workers and everyone else interested in Science to share their knowledge (research documents, papers or files, photos or videos) in order to collaborate and develop (new) theories or to modify them. Technically, the HIXGRID was realized with the open source Elgg social network engine. On the motto of ‘Feel-science’,  HIXGRID emphasizes the emotional component of Science based on the latest research findings in Neurology, Neuroscience and Philosophy, and the teaching of Science.

Advanced Science approach – Emotion vs. Reason; Analytics vs. Holistics

HIXGRID deliberaterly pursues the ‘Advanced Science’ approach, which does not rely on reason alone, but also on various factors of Unconscious and Emotional Intelligence.

This approach – also called ‘Feel Science’ – facilitates new ways of thinking as it addresses unsolved scientific problems or aims at revaluating what is known in an interdisciplinary context. The Advanced Science approach uses the potential of neuron networking in the human brain and the complex interaction among brain areas.

Overall, the scientific approach takes with HIXGRID new paths, uninhibited by ‘Classic’ Science which is often constrained by financial and academical requirements or marketing constraints.

HIXGRID will revise Science from a lateral approach, shedding a new light on previously hidden areas, so that a more serious and holistic approach to science be possible, will confront the problems from a different perspective and possibly will hopefully modify some paths currently deemed to be ‘safe’. It may not only figure out and develop analytical approaches, but also holistic ways of looking at scientific problems.

Influences from philosophy or related fields may prove helpful and indicative of new solutions. For example, one can proceed from the assumption that the human brain creates its own evolutionary reasons for reality itself. The re-assessment of the findings in the cosmology of the universe and the holographic theory of the gravitational waves and their detectors (GEO600, AMS Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer), Michelson interferometer, LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), make the classical physical laws appear in a new light. The outcoming results may well contribute to the development of new technologies or even make them possible. Therefore the classic and interdisciplinary way of doing science are neither to be neglected as in fact they are explicitly desired.






Research priorities of HIXGRID

The name „HIXGRID“ derives from a pun on the name of the British physicist Peter Higgs, who became famous through his research on the Higgs mechanism and the Higgs boson, which is significant for explaining dark matter and dark energy in cosmology. The European nuclear research center CERN will frantically search for evidence for the Higgs particle, since it is important to develop a possibly universal theory of physics (Theory of Everything) in order to overcome the schism in physics, which resulted from the in

compatibility of the three fundamental forces strong and weak interaction, electromagnetism and gravitation, which are ultimately to be unified under gravity with quantum theory (quantum gravity).Remaining unresolved phenomena are the interactions between matter and spirit, which have been discussed in the Pauli-Jung Dialog as psychophysical problem or world soul. According to latest research fromPrinceton, these interactions are not by accident but they are measurable and have an impact on high-precision machinery and high-performance computers in the measurable range.HIXGRID also explores topics regarding Space and Time: Does time exist or is time just  a change of entropy and a subjective phenomenon? How is the „Einstein space“ in a holographic universe considered?Furthermore, problems in nanomedicine and bioinformatics and many other disciplines will be discussed interdisciplinary. For example, applications of quantum physics (quantum computer, The Global Consciousness Project) need to be considered and further processed for the development of genetically-based computers (eg the Seesaw compiler from the California Institute of Technology, CalTech).Hixgrid cooperates with the play of generations (Generationsgame), physical and philosophical mindgames. The Generationsgame was born out of the collaboration between the KenoNitro Project (KN-P) with Neogrid.

Content from HIXGRID will also be shared on the future platform and will be discussed, particularly in the context of the project Polytopia.


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Okt 06

We will never be able to descirbe the universe in a satisfactory way by mathematics. If this would be possible, human beings wouldn’t exist.

Quote “Physicist and author Michio Kaku has remarked that M-theory may present us with a “Theory of Everything” which is so concise that its underlying formula would fit on a t-shirt.”

Hixgrid predicts that Kaku is right concerning the t-shirt effect, but he will never succeed in a unification of all theories by M-Theory.

Probably neither by any other theory! This is not possible by definition of all physics theories which have a defined mathematical set and sub-set.

Nature is definitely not working in that way! Nature is holistic, conscious and holographic – a cell is the same thing in terms of the underlying embedded very complex mechanisms as the whole universe.

The Pernicious Influence of Mathematics on Science

A Return To The Invisible College In Science 4a



To Apply Mathematics is as if you Apply Art -> it is worthless – nature is not applicable by mathematics – mathematics is beauty! If you apply mathematics you start to destroy our world and you make out of nature an instrument. The danger is that people will believe you…

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Dez 05

Das Netzwerk für Wissenschaftler und Wissensarbeiter – Hixgrid – will seine Nutzer über ihre Themen verbinden.

Unter dem Motto: ‚Gefühlte Wissenschaft’ werden Interessierte aller Disziplinen zum Networking und Sharing von Informationen so wie zum Zusammenarbeiten und Diskutieren eingeladen.

Dabei ermöglicht das Networking auf Hixgrid auch ein hohes Maß an Interdisziplinarität und Innovation:

Papers und Thesen können ausgetauscht und kommentiert, Fotos und Videos veröffentlicht und einem breiten, interessierten Publikum zugänglich gemacht werden.

Auch wissenschaftliche Organisationen und Institute, Hochschulen und internationale Research Einrichtungen sind eingeladen, ihre Themen zu veröffentlichen und zu diskutieren.

Weiterhin haben Entscheidungsträger die Möglichkeit Forscher kennen zu lernen und vice versa.

Alle seriösen Wissenschaften sind willkommen. Hauptgruppen sind: Physik, Biologie, Chemie, Materialwissenschaften, Nanotechnologie, Nano-Medizin, Biochemie, Genetik, Biotechnologie, Informatik, Bioinformatik, Neuroinformatik, Informationswissenschaften, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Psychologie, Sozialwissenschaften, Paläontologie und Kunstgeschichte.

Jeder ist jedoch frei eine eigene, auch spezielle Gruppe zu bilden wie z.B. Mikrobiologie, Biochemie, Kosmologie, Dunkle Materie, Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen, Nanotubes, Umweltökonomie, alte Kulturen, Evolutionsgeschichte oder ähnliche.



Cell Biology


Das Science Netzwerk HIXGRID verfolgt den sog. Advanced Science Ansatz: nicht die Ratio allein ist das ausschlaggebende Maß der Intelligenz und wissenschaftlichen Forschung sondern erst das Einbeziehen von Faktoren der emotionalen Intelligenz ermöglichen neue Denkansätze und Annäherungen an ungelöste wissenschaftliche Probleme oder deren Neubewertung im interdisziplinären Kontext. Dabei nutzt der Advanced Science Ansatz das Potential der Vernetzung der Neuronen im menschlichen Gehirn und das komplexe Wechselspiel zwischen den Gehirn-Arealen. Auch unbewußte Faktoren können dabei einbezogen werden.

Der vollständige Artikel kann bei Science Network auf der Neogrid-Domain nachgelesen werden.


HIXGRID – Feel Science – share knowledge and empower minds – to led known science to new frontiers.


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Jun 20

The XPRMNT Generationsgame

inside – outside -decide

You just found yourself into a huge XPRMNT. The generationsgame is a social network set up to start the philosophical search of natures sourcecode. So its kind of the glas bead game by Hermann Hesse but different. Hesse tried to find a synthesis of the different fields in science and art, the generationsgame is looking for a sourcecode running behind the fields and expressing in the fields. This kind of search is a deeply interdisciplinary project. It needs people from all fields that like the idea. Its called generationsgame because it might take generations until the sourcecode is decoded. I think this is the next challenge for menkind after the decryption of DNA. The generationsgame is more then just a social network, its interconnected with the multimedia-event Atomklub in Berlin-Adlershof which both are driven by the KenoNitro-Project. That makes it a multimedia and broadband platform for a new way of communicating philosophy.

–> rethink the atom – sourcecode is waiting :)


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